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Episode Recap: Madame Sosostris

While Josh gets a lead on stopping the end times; it's Karen vs. a rebel army. Plus: Not everything is as it seems.


It is time to wish Sally her final farewell, as the Copelands place her on a funeral pyre and light her up. Karen is surprisingly calm, considering it was her sister she just watched die. The family disbands to find supplies and answers. Matt, Karen, Dana and Martin take a pickup to Camp Gowanis, where Dana was a camp counselor, to get the provisions, while Josh, Briana, Jane and Devyn ride in the RV to an old professor colleague of Josh's who's predicted this whole end of days thing. Maybe she, or her library, has some clues about what's coming next.

In the surrounding woods, a band of armed ex-cons is making their descent on the camp. Matt spots them, alerts Karen, and the two of them split up to protect Dana and Martin and smoke the invaders. The Jubokku plant makes a reprise, and after a failed attempt at swallowing Dana (again) it goes for one of the ex-cons…and succeeds! Meanwhile, Josh has arrived at Professor Douglas' office looking for her thesis on this whole apocalypse thing. Douglas is more than happy to help him find it, and by help him she means murder him with an axe: a shape shifter has assumed Professor Douglas' body, and is out for blood. Before she can draw it, Jane shoots the shape shifter in the back, and together she and Josh go in search of the real Douglas. When he finds her, she's a bit sloshed in the archives. Josh wants her to predict the future, but she can hardly put a sentence together. In a moment of lucidity, Douglas tells Josh that the university is built on the most dangerous volcano on the West coast, and it's getting ready to blow.

Devyn, who's been freaky and temperamental lately (he has been through a lot), rushes out of the RV and threatens to kill himself with a handgun. Thankfully, Briana is able to talk him down before he does anything too rash. At Camp Gowanis, the cons ambush Matt and Karen and are about ready to kill them when Karen makes them a deal: she won't sick her army buddies on them so Karen and Matt will take half the food in exchange for letting the ex-cons have their lives. It works. But when the cons renege on their end, and tell Karen that they killed her daughter, Karen whips out her blade and along with Matt, starts kicking tail. And then Karen goes full on revenge mode, and starts massacring the cons. Dana sees this all happen, and is horrified.

Josh finds what he's been looking for, and takes it back to Douglas' office. In exchange for helping him, she wants Josh to shoot her dead. She can't stand living anymore. Now, that's something he's got to think about. But not Jane: she pops the professor in the chest, and in the RV, a shape shifter has taken on Josh's identity and tries to kill Briana with an axe (its weapon of choice, apparently). Devyn rushes into the camper, and with otherworldly strength snaps the demons neck. Devyn, too, is becoming a Skin Walker. The two teams converge at Camp Gowanis to take inventory and plan their next move. Family tensions are running high. Devyn wants to save Brianna from himself, but she believes he can overcome the possession. He knows he can't, and he wrests a handgun from Matt's hand and blows his own brains out. So much death!