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Episode Recap: Now That We Talk Of Dying

A potential savior for doomsday is found, but all hope might be lost when time and space begin to collapse.


Well, the world is coming to an end. Again. Moon rocks are raining from the sky. The Copeland family is separated. And Moondog's radio show has run out of commercials. Sarah and Matt have ventured off in search of a private spot to make out. Meanwhile, the rest of the Copelands are ambushed by a U.S. Army officer who thinks he's in Vietnam fighting in the war — and his getup and ammunitions would lead us to believe he actually is. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering what year it is. But Dana teaches us that because of the time-space continuum being in disarray, this guy could actually have time-traveled. Meanwhile, two government agents are hot on the Copeland trail, looking for Moondog and a way to rebuild America. Good luck with that, guys.

Josh and the family search for a radio tracker so that they can locate Moondog, and they find one at a local electronics store. Their looting is interrupted by an elderly security guard — apparently there are still those in end days — who bears the same tattoo as the Vietnam army man they met earlier. In fact, it is the same guy: time really is folding onto itself. John and family take the transmitter and skedaddle. They use the device to track down Moondog's signal, and drive to his lovely, one star industrial compound. The G-men are wise to the Copeland's movements, and follow the trail. John, Dana and Karen are invited into the compound by a man proclaiming to be Moondog a.k.a. Bob Black, while Dana, Matt and Sarah wait outside.

Moondog shows his visitors a Tesla tower, the rumored invention of Nikola Tesla for harnessing an infinite supply of energy. So that's how he's running his radio program! The field trip is interrupted when the G-men give Moondog the drop, and threaten him with his life unless he tells them what the heck is going on. Surprise! It's not Moondog, but one of Moondog's devotees. The G-men abduct Josh and the lackey, and demand they direct them to the real Moondog. So Josh helms the RV and drives away. Karen, Matt and Sarah (now equipped with a badass bow and two arrows) follow the RV, leaving Dana and Briana to investigate the compound…or just hang out. They remember that Moondog's Tesla pulses are somehow attracting Skinwalkers, and…oh look, there's one now. It's possessed Dana, and only by reversing the current on the tower is Briana able to exorcise her sister.

Josh leads the G-men to where he senses Moondog's presence. Lo and behold, the man is supposedly hiding out in an RV, eerily similar to the Copeland's. Except Moondog isn't inside. So when Moondog's acolyte has no more explanations to give, the government agents kill him. It's Josh's turn to cough up some answers, or face the same fate. He's got nothing. But before he bites a bullet, Matt pulls a sneak attack and makes noises like a feverhead to lure the G-men away from Josh, only to be picked off one-by-one by Sarah's excellent marksmanship. Who knew that summer camp activities could actually pay off in the real world…soon to become the afterworld? When the coast is clear, Moondog makes his presence known. Josh, an Adept, is ready to be received into the Moondog's glow.