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Episode Recap: What the Thunder Said

To save her family and the world, Karen must travel into an active volcano. Odds of survival: Not high.


The Copeland Caravan blows a gasket and Josh calls the time of death. But even if it can't drive, the junker still makes a suitable hookup spot for Martin and Dana…until Karen finds them. She grills Martin on his eligibility, and finds him a suitable mate for her younger daughter. Go Martin. When an earthquake takes the travelers by surprise, they quickly hightail it. Shortly into the next leg of their trip, they come across a mysterious (and shoeless) gentleman looking for a ride. He's a reincarnated monk originally from Tibet, and his name is…Monk. But no time for small talk. Snipers hidden in the hills open fire on the Copelands and company. When counterattack proves ineffective, Monk uses telekinesis to literally blow up the assailants. But he's a bit too late: Josh has been shot in the belly and needs immediate assistance. Inside the RV, Monk uses his spiritual powers to anesthetize Josh, before he reaches his hand into Josh's belly, takes out the bullet, and saves Josh's life.

But they're not out of the woods yet. A volcano is set to erupt shortly, and is radiating tremors out in the ground. Monk is pessimistic about the safety of all present, and believes they will all die. Unless they return to the volcano and find the prayer wheel inside it — the prayer wheel can grant the user whatever they wish for most. Nobody believes this guy until the van comes to a halt, when the road up ahead falls into a gaping crevice in the earth, fuming with gases. Maybe Monk was on to something. So they drive back to the volcano, and Jane, Monk and Karen volunteer to scale the spouting rock. Meanwhile back in the RV, Josh and the rest of the gang pick up two rock climbers who are still reeling from the death of their friend who fell into the volcano. Or was he pushed? When Josh tells them that they're headed to the avalanche shelters, the hikers protest: the shelters only have enough air for a few people, and they're more than a few. But Josh keeps on course, despite the growing uneasiness of the climbers.

At the summit, Jane, Monk and Karen come upon the prayer wheel that can grant a wish. In a surprise attack, Jane takes Karen's gun and demands to access the prayer wheel herself so she can raise her dead son from the grave. Jane kills Monk, and Jane tries to wrestle her for the gun. When Karen relents, Jane steps into the center of the wheel, and is sucked up by the earth. That couldn't have been her wish. Monk returns to living, and invites Karen to journey with him into the next life. But that would mean giving up her family, and Karen refuses. Meanwhile, upon approaching the avalanche shelters, the climbers take Dana hostage. Martin tries to negotiate the situation, and gets shot dead. Josh and Matt disarm the climbers, but Matt goes one step further and beats the stuffing out of the guy, and then ties a noose around the girl's neck. Whoa, Matt. But he comes to his senses and instead lets them both live their cowardly lives on the run. Just then, the volcano erupts, and Karen tries to make her getaway. The other Copelands rush into the avalanche shelter, but just as the doors are about to close, they discover that one of them is missing – Dana.