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Episode Recap: Where The Dead Men Lost Their Bones

With zero hour looming, new waves of disappearances bring more answers. But is it too late for one Copeland?


The Copelands have holed up in an abandoned house in Idaho, but it might as well be the end of the world. Death is knocking at Josh's door, and his family just don't know what to do. Matt, Karen and Brianna split up to find some tetracycline, leaving Dana alone with the maddening Josh. Luckily Dana picked up an anesthetic to sedate Josh, so that he doesn't, you know, kill her in a blinding rage. Whoops, too late. Josh wakes up and goes a' searching for the origin of everything that's been going on. And, boy, is there a lot going on. First off, remember the Seattle reporter who witnessed that horror that decimated the city? Her name is Audrene and she inexplicably wakes up in Idaho, muttering "the one is many, but the many one." Does that message come with a footnote? She's quickly apprehended by a cadre of Gone Rogues (GRs) and their head doctor, who give her the once-over: she's clean.

Matt, meanwhile saves the life of a young woman named Sarah who tried to hang herself. Sarah's all upset because she killed her friend who appeared to be feverheaded, but was only high on ecstasy. Honest mistake. Before Sarah let her friend perish, she took from her the last reserves of tetra, and kept them for herself (score!). But now the rest of her crew is out to find her, and sell that tetra for some cash money. In exchange for the kindness he showed her, Sarah promises to give Matt the tetra he needs to cure his father. On to the safe house!

Brianna, too, is trying to locate some tetra, but is ambushed by a gang of rowdy, lusty thugs. This is the same crew Sarah is being pursued by. (She sure knows how to pick 'em.) The thugs threaten to do some no good things to Brianna, who convinces them not to by luring them back to the abandoned house where she says a drug dealer left his stash. Worlds are about to collide. Karen is off on her own when she encounters an unhinged woman frantically looking for her husband. This woman says that her husband was in Seattle at the time of the calamity, was sucked up into a white hole in the sky, and then returned unscathed (although a little mentally unbalanced) to Idaho. A round-trip flight to the best place on Earth. Her husband appears, just in time to be sucked up again into the very same wormhole in the sky. Maybe he's accumulating miles for that thing.

And Josh, practically foaming at the mouth, is detained by the gun-toting GRs, who are prepared to kill him to contain the outbreak. In a kind of final prayer, Josh begins muttering "the one is many, but the many one," and Audrene hears him. She begs the GRs not to kill him, though they seem unconvinced. But their minds are made up when that same wormhole opens up in the sky and starts sucking up people willy-nilly, and Josh and Audrene are able to escape.

Back at the safe house, the thugs have taken Brianna hostage, demanding that Matt and team forfeit the tetra in exchange for the Copeland girl's life. Matt, wielding a shotgun, isn't prepared to give up either. Sarah pulls a sneak attack, goes around back, and pops one of the thugs in the arm. Just then, Karen returns, Matt swoops in and the situation is neutralized — Brianna is safe, and the tetra is won. Karen takes the tetra, and goes searching for Josh, who's passed out while running away from Audrene. If he was going to die, he wanted it to be with his family — how sweet. Karen quickly shoves a handful of pills into Josh's mouth, and pulls him back from the land of the dead. And probably bred some antibiotic resistant bacteria in the doing. The Copeland family reunite, Josh now healed. It's not long that they take a breather when Josh hears Moondog the radio DJ uttering the "one is many" phrase. Realizing Moondog might have some answers to what the hell is going on, the Copeland family sets out to find him.