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Episode Recap: Whispers of Immortality

Sacrifices are made and lives lost in order to save the world. But are we just at the beginning of the end?


The clock is ticking. There are two hours left until space junk collides into Earth and kills everyone and everything on it. Moondog takes Karen, Josh and Dana back to his compound to try to figure out what's there to do — if anything. Karen goes off alone to find Matt and Briana. Before she leaves, Moondog sees Karen's bullet necklace, and recognizes it as a key. He tells her to grab some coffee at the Café Delphi — there's something important there for her to see.

Meanwhile, Briana and Matt are searching for Matt's g.f. Sarah, first on foot, and then in a Jeep. Matt has to take a leak, and so the two pull over. But, mysteriously, Matt never comes back. When Brianna goes looking for him, she finds him making out with Sarah. Not the time, Matt! Is that Matt, though? He's acting a little weird, and Brianna keeps her eye on him. Meanwhile, Josh remembers all those old punch cards he collected from Professor Gloria Douglas' office, and how they might contain some secret to the apocalypse. Moondog remembers his buddy the Junkman who has such a vintage computer to read the cards, and the three go in search of it. Only trouble is, the Junkman wants Josh dead because he led the Feds to his buddy Skinny – the dude who impersonated Moondog in the last episode -- and got him killed. When Moondog and Josh are futzing with the machine, they're ambushed by Junkman and his goons, and wind up on the wrong side of the barrel. Luckily, Dana pulls a sneak attack and shoots Junkman in the butt — so the rest leave them alone.  And when Josh finally gets around to feeding the ancient computer the punch cards, it comes out with a cryptic message: "The end of the world is not" on repeat. Hmmm.

Karen wanders into the Café Delphi, and finds a waitress there — or is she an oracle? The Oracle/waitress directs Karen to a pinball machine in the back, named the Omphalos: it's supposed to help give Karen some direction. Using her bullet as a token, Karen gives the pinball a whirl. When she "loses" the game, the oracle tells her that, "you are the price for what you are looking for." Interesting. Karen leaves the café a bit startled, a bit miffed that she only got one turn, and goes onward to find her kids.

Briana has had enough of this weird Matt in the backseat of the car, so she pulls over and threatens what she thinks is a Shapeshifter with its life. Turns out, her instincts were right, and the imposter gets violent. He's ready to kill Briana when, out of nowhere, Matt surprises them all and shoots the Shapeshifter dead. The three of them, now regrouped, go out to find their family. Dana, Moondog and Josh are back at Moondog's compound trying to decipher the note. Josh realizes that it's a fragmented sentence — "The end of the world is not the end of the world" — and that if gravity is causing all this weird stuff to happen, then all they need to do is redirect the flow of gravity. If somehow they can cause a wormhole to appear, they'll be able to use it to suck up all the stuff that's headed for Earth. The Tesla tower! That can manipulate gravity!

Matt, Sarah and Briana find their mother crying and meditating in the middle of the road, and together they return to Moondog's place. The Tesla tower is up to 11, the wormhole is forming, and it's starting to suck up the space junk when one of the circuits blows. Karen, remembering what the oracle told her, climbs up the tower to fix the circuit…at her own peril. She gets the device working again, but the wormhole ends up sucking her up along with all the asteroids. The Copelands may have saved the world this day, but they lost a mother. Perhaps.