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Episode Recap: Addicted To Love


Aidan reluctantly enjoys canoodling with Princess Suren—he's happy to finally have her but she seems to erase all of his resolve about steering clear of live blood and bad situations. Still on the emotional mend, Sally rediscovers sex (and feeling wanted) through the body of Janet (Dr. Forrest's girlfriend).  Meanwhile, Josh attempts to share his very limited research with the werewolf twins and an extremely annoyed Nora.

Sexually sated for the moment, Sally leaves Janet's body and promises Aidan and Josh that she won't body hop again. But she can't help herself—the feelings are just too good and, eventually, a weakened Sally gets herself trapped in Janet's body. Desperate, Sally seeks out Josh's help while still possessing Janet, an action that causes some issues between Janet and Dr. Forrest. That tension fades, however, when the dark shadow that was previously haunting Sally returns and knocks her right out of Janet's body. Soon, Janet shows up at Sally's house with some of Sally's more painful memories. In trying to talk to her, Sally learns what Janet calls the shadow that now haunts them both: Reaper.

Suren encourages Aidan to drink live blood in the hotel the vampires have owned for generations and, amid flashbacks of that same hotel circa 1930, we see that Henry not only betrayed Aidan but Suren as well. When Mother shows up unexpectedly, Aidan and Suren struggle to keep up appearances but it isn't enough to fool Mother. Afraid of being sent away again, Suren urges Aidan to help her kill Bishop's vampire "orphans." In the process, Aidan finds Henry still alive and lurking within the bowels of the city. Intending to keep Henry from Suren's discovery, Aidan tells Henry to hide, but how will they find each other again?

Connor, one of the werewolf twins, confronts Nora at the hospital and presents her with a startling possibility: That Nora might actually like being a werewolf. Almost immediately, Will, the ex-boyfriend who scarred Nora's stomach, shows up unexpectedly and Connor convinces Josh to attack him. Livid, Nora reads Josh the riot act but, later, when Connor's twin sister Brynn comes to talk to her, Nora gives in to her need to talk about her own wolfish tendencies. Nora admits that it's her who has been stalking Will, not the other way around. When the full moon comes, Nora and the twins put an end to Will for good, perhaps leaving Josh as the only one of them who wants to be rid of the wolf at all.