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Episode Recap: Cheater Of The Pack


When Josh and Wendy wake up naked in a field together, it’s seen pretty obvious that their wolves made love. Josh is completely freaked out but Wendy is amused. He warns Wendy to keep their tryst a secret but she insists that her husband Mark won’t think it’s a big deal. Of course, she’s wrong. Once Mark finds out, he barges into the brownstone and attacks Josh in front of Nora. Sadly, when Nora understands what all the commotion is about she wants to beat Josh up too. She thinks the wolf inside Josh is winning.  She might be right—Josh did wolf out enough to toss Mark across the room like a rag doll after Mark shoved Nora when she tried to break up their fight.

But before all this transpires, Sally’s ne’er do well little brother Robbie shows up to tell the roommates that he’s selling the house and they can either come up with $300,000 to buy it from him or be prepared to move out in 30 days.  Sally’s pissed to say the least and she panics when Robbie brings two potential buys to see the house. She has no choice but to use her magic to stink bomb the place, which sends everyone, including Robbie holding their noses and running from the house. Nice work, Sal! 

This bout of magic sends Sally back in time, per usual and this time she lands in 2009 on the day when she was alive and about to move in with her then non-murder fiancé Danny. This pop back in time makes ghost Sally privy to a conversation that Robbie and Danny had where Robbie is revealed as a caring and concerned brother and Danny shows that he’s a Grade A jackass. In the present, an intent Robbie, comes back to the house to get to the bottom of the stench. But maybe he should have left well enough alone because something, in addition to Sally, is working against Robbie selling the house. As he works on the pipes in the basement, he’s electrocuted and dies in what seems to be a freak accident. Strange. Very, strange.

Meanwhile, Aidan bumps into Suzanna – although nothing is accidental with this woman – as he’s about to score some black market blood. She talks him into adopting a new “diet” and he agrees to give it a shot. Like any two immortals that have an eternity before them, Suzanna and Aidan hook up. Afterwards the two promise sweet nothings to one another. Aidan agrees to take a new lease on vampire life, which means no more drinking or draining live humans. Suzanna for her part agrees to stop staking innocent vampires. Aidan, of course, breaks his promise within hours and completely drains the life out of an innocent girl. In a fit of desperation, he calls Kenny to help him clean up the mess.