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Episode Recap: Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things


At the local bar Sally, Josh and Aidan see nurse Nora on a date with a doctor from the hospital.  When Sally sneaks over to eavesdrop on them she gets disgusted by the doctor putting his hand on Nora’s knee and causes a beer bottle to blow up in their faces.  Josh starts to intercede but instead chooses to walk away. 

Later on, Sally stops by the hospital to check in on her roomies and Aidan takes the opportunity to walk her over to the part of the hospital that is still haunted by ghosts so that she can meet some of her own kind.  The experience proves to be traumatic for Sally and she’s furious with Aidan for leaving her there alone. 

On his way home from work, Aidan protects Bernie, a neighborhood kid, from being beat up by bullies. Through his relationship with Bernie, Aidan gains a friend and a glimpse of what it would be like to have a son again.  The boy’s mother is suspicious at first but relaxes when she sees how well her son gets along with Aidan. 

When Nora approaches Josh at work, he brings up her date and Nora reiterates her interest in Josh.  They go out on a second date but, since it’s so close to the full moon, Josh runs away so he won’t hurt her.  Angry, Nora confronts him at the hospital moments before his transformation and the wolf in him takes over.  They have sex right then and there before John rushes home to transform in private.  Sally watches for as long as she can stand it and then joins Aidan outside on the front stoop to wait it out.  When Nora shows up at the house to talk to Josh about his abrupt departure, they decide to try being a couple.

Meanwhile, Aidan tells Sally that he took her to the haunted hospital wing to show her how she’ll end up if she leaves her earthly issues unresolved.  Taking this into consideration, she returns to the hospital on her own and asks the help of the spirits there by leaving a note on the wall.  Like many of the other ghosts, Sally wants to know why she’s stuck on earth.

Rebecca picks up on Aidan’s fatherly vibe when she shows up unexpectedly in the park where Aidan and Bernie are playing.  Aidan is happy to see her but blows her off to spend time with Bernie.  Things go south, however, when Bernie steals the DVD of Rebecca killing someone from Aidan’s room.  Bernie’s mother promptly forbids Aidan from coming near either of them ever again.