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Episode Recap: Dog Eat Dog


At Sapp & Sons Funeral Home, Rebecca is furious with Aidan for killing Bernie.  She saw Bernie as her child and the beginning of a family with Aidan.  As she mourns Bernie, she loses faith in Aidan’s ability to help her live a life free of killing.

Aidan doesn’t have much time to comfort her before Bishop informs him that the 1000-year-old Dutch vampires are at the funeral home and expecting to see him.  The pure-blood Dutch vampires live out amongst the Amish people of upstate NY and every fifty years they come to Boston to assess things.  Last time, they killed Aidan’s maker so naturally the Boston vampires are on edge.

Through flashback, we learn that Bishop wasn’t always such a taskmaster.  He was once in love with a human who knew exactly what he was and he held on to his love for her despite Aidan’s pressure to turn her, or let her go.  When the Dutch killed Bishop’s maker they offered him control of Boston, but only if he left the woman behind.  Unable to bear the thought of living without her, Bishop killed her himself.  At the same time, Aidan left the vampire fold to live amongst the humans.

Josh has a midday date planned with Nora on the day of a full moon but on his way to toss out the garbage, he gets kidnapped.  The Boston vampires plan to use Josh for entertainment by pitting him against an older werewolf in a fight to the death—a fight the older werewolf has won for the past fifteen years.

Sally tries to help but all she can really do is encourage Josh to win the fight and beg Aidan to stop it.  In turn, all Aidan can think to do is volunteer to return to the vampire fold if Josh is allowed to go free.  Bishop agrees but Marcus, still angry at Josh for the fight they got into long ago, makes sure that Josh still has to fight the older werewolf for his life. 

Josh wins the fight but has to live with the guilt, while Aidan still plans to go back to the vampires in order to keep Josh free.  When he returns to them, he asks Bishop what the Dutch are doing there and Bishop assumes that they have come to kill him.  If that’s true, their actions will leave Aidan at Sap & Sons alone with his archenemy, Marcus.