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Episode Recap: Don't Fear The Scott


In this week's episode, Henry rejoins the Boston vampire family just in time for Mother's visit, Josh and Julia rekindle their romance despite Nora's return and Sally tries to ignore the fact that Scott the Reaper is always at her side.

Sally feels awful about all the less-than-perfect things she's done lately, especially with respect to Janet, Dr. Forrest's girlfriend. Sally had previously gotten in the habit of possessing Janet if only to enjoy the physical affections of Dr. Forrest but, even after Sally stopped, Janet retained some of Sally's more traumatic memories.  When Sally finds out that Janet has been committed to the psychiatric ward, Sally goes to visit her with Scott (the Reaper) in tow.  Feeling guilty, Sally tries to get Josh to communicate with Janet but he refuses. Later, when Sally runs into the long-absent Nora at the hospital, Nora agrees to help. Nora talks to Janet on Sally's behalf while Scott tries to talk Sally into just diving back in Janet's body. Once Janet is convinced she's not crazy, Nora and Sally promise to get her out of the psychiatric ward.  When Sally realizes that the good in her is stronger than the bad, Scott the Reaper fades away—hopefully for good.

Josh tries to get Julia and Aidan to call a truce by way of suggesting a double date at the house.  When Josh and Julia sit across the table from Aidan and Suren, things get awkward and uncomfortable very quickly, especially since Aidan never told Suren that he and Julia slept together. Later, things take a turn for the better and the evening is ultimately successful. Just when things are going well for Josh, Nora shows up unexpectedly. Apologetic and sad, Nora tries to get back together with Josh but he's moved on to Julia—or has he? Julia makes Josh promise to weigh his options well before deciding which of them he is going to stay with. When Josh sees Nora helping Sally talk to Janet, he immediately knows that Julia is the right choice for him. Nora, sensing the shift, shows up to tell him one last secret before she leaves again: The way for Josh to lift the werewolf curse is to kill Ray, the werewolf who turned him.

Once Princess Suren realizes that Aidan slept with Julia she feels even more disconnected from his world outside of the vampire clan and unsure about whether or not she can fit in. This is an important consideration, since Mother is about to visit and she'd previously promised Aidan his freedom. If Suren and Aidan are to live together she must be able to cope with werewolves like Josh and humans, like Julia. Needless to say, they are both shocked when Mother excommunicates Aidan from the vampire order!  With Henry's help, Aidan asks Suren to leave Boston and go on the run with him. On the road, however, reality sets in. Suren is used to a better lifestyle and, more importantly, drinking live blood whenever she wants. Worse, Henry has betrayed them both by giving up their location.