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Episode Recap: Dream Reaper


In this week's episode, Aidan, Josh and Zoe commit to doing whatever it takes to break Sally out of her zombie-like state.

After being trapped on the staircase with salt, Sally falls into a deep sleep that Josh and Aidan can't seem to wake her from. Worried, they decide to seek out nurse Zoe, the one person who knows enough about ghosts to be helpful.  The problem is soliciting her help without letting her know that Sally has already shredded Nick, Zoe's ghostly boyfriend.

Zoe isn't interested in helping Sally since Sally just attacked and killed all the ghosts in her support group but when Aidan explains that Sally seems to be sick, Zoe reluctantly agrees. At the house, Aidan and Josh explain everything that's happened and, once Zoe hears the whole story, she realizes that another spirit has inhabited Sally's soul.

With Zoe's encouragement, Josh and Aidan both try to talk to Sally but the Reaper has her trapped in a fantasy that she's enjoying immensely. In her mind, Sally is engaged to the Reaper (Scott), and the two of them live in a well-decorated version of the same house she lives in with Josh and Aidan.

While Sally only hears Josh and Aidan as whispers, the Reaper can hear them all too well. In an attempt to strengthen his hold on Sally, Reaper convinces Sally to go to sleep and then uses Sally's body to tell Zoe that Sally killed her beau.  Horrified, Zoe tries to leave but the Reaper traps all of them in the house together—a recipe for certain disaster since the full moon is only hours away and Aidan is weak with hunger.  The only way for Zoe to survive the night is to help Sally.

Zoe mind melds with Sally, inserting herself into Sally's fantasy of an engagement party. Zoe tries to convince Sally that her dream life is just that: A dream. Meanwhile, Aidan can't resist the urge to suck some of Zoe's blood while she's incapable of fighting back and Josh has to stop him. With time ticking away and no way to escape the house, the night looks grim, especially after Aidan drinks some of Josh's blood and goes into convulsions.

Aidan's pained screams rip through Sally's fantasy of an engagement party and Sally is finally able to see her friends and the trouble they are in because of her. She chooses to return to her body, which releases Reaper's control over the house.

Finally free, Josh heads to the woods, Aidan limps to his bedroom and Zoe tells Sally that she'll never forgive her for killing Nick. Sally is left alone with Scott the Reaper, whom she now knows is a part of her.