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Episode Recap: For Those About To Rot


Josh continues his mental Zen training with Pete, the cheerful guy who Josh playfully refers to as "Obi Wan, the Werewolf."

Even though Aidan has been completely healed, he's been passing out in random places around town. During these spells, he experiences flashbacks of his life from two hundred years ago.  Sally has an unusual theory about Aidan's blackouts, which just might be true. She thinks Aidan needs to "get it on" with Kat!  Later, Kat surprises Aidan by showing him a book that his father wrote (although she doesn't know it's his dad, given it's from 1750) but the two of them are interrupted by Kat's ex-boyfriend, Jeff, who Aidan instantly dislikes.

Aidan goes back to Kat's place and both of them reveal way more than they mean to before getting frisky. Finally. It doesn't help, though. Aidan still ends up passed out in an alley—this time he doesn't even realize that he has attacked and killed Jeff, Kat's ex-boyfriend.

Sally's hunger is growing, especially since she won't feed herself, but that's nothing compared to what's going on with Zoe. When Nick lunged at her she managed to grab a baseball bat and kill Nick before he could eat her.  Sally, Zoe and Nick's ghost talk about this sad turn of events and Nick issues a very stern warning to Zoe: Stay away from Sally, or else Zoe runs the risk of having to fend off Sally too. Things look up a bit, however, when Nick's door appears.

Worried about what might be going on with Stevie, Sally goes to visit his family with Josh in tow. When they get there they are shocked to find Stevie at the house. The longer Josh and Sally stick around, the odder things get until Josh sees a human arm sticking out of a cabinet.  Stevie confesses: He ate his dead parents and, later, killed and ate the mailman.

Josh and Sally are horrified but not as much as Stevie who begs them to help him kill himself.  Much to Sally's horror, Josh finally agrees. Sally is worried that Josh will have to kill her too, but he promises her that it won't come to that. Soon, Stevie's door shows up but right after he steps into it, Sally realizes that his door was the same as Nick's. Which never, ever happens - all doors are different. Is Donna the witch behind this? 

Once Josh finally leaves and returns to Pete's house, he is horrified to find vampires attacking Pete for his blood. They respect the pact to leave Josh alone but Pete is killed ruthlessly.