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Episode Recap: Gallows Humor


Sadly, when last we saw Aidan, he'd just completely drained a woman moments after promising his wife, Suzanna, that he would stop drinking "live". Aidan's "son" Kenny still uses the local funeral home as a vampire front and he comes to Aidan's aid to dispose of the body.  Aidan, distraught about falling off the wagon so soon, tries to get himself together before he sees Suzanna but it doesn't work. She smells the live blood on him immediately and poisons him as a punishment.

Wracked with pain (and guilt), Aidan awakes to find himself chained to a sink while Suzanna watches over him warily with a wooden stake at the ready. It takes all night, but Susanna forces Aidan to endure withdrawal and, in the process, she learns much more about him that she ever wanted to know. Namely, the vast number of people he's killed over the years as well as the pleasure he received from the act of killing.

In the end, Suzanna lets Aidan go and confesses her own cardinal sin: killing their son. Aidan is devastated. He desperately wanted to believe that their son had lived a normal life. For a moment, he considers killing Suzanna in retribution but, even though she offers no resistance, he changes his mind. All alone in the motel room, the two of them make an attempt to ease each other's pain.

When Sally returns from her latest time travel episode, she is horrified to find her younger brother Robbie, dead on the basement floor. Unbeknownst to her, the house, acting out Sally's anger, killed Robbie in her absence. Despite their differences, Sally loves her brother and would do anything to protect him. In this case, that means she'll do anything to bring him back to life. 

Josh and Nora are quick to point out that Sally's previous experiments with black magic have not gone well. Aidan, however, has a different opinion. He thinks that since Sally's intentions are completely pure at heart that she should be able to bring Robbie back with no unfortunate consequences. Encouraged by Aidan's words, Sally sets out to find Donna, whose black magic skill set is much more advanced than her own.

Eventually, Donna agrees to help by giving up her own life to resurrect Robbie but Robbie, it seems, likes the life of a ghost. When it's time for the ritual, Robbie vanishes, leaving Sally awash in guilt. Since Donna was ready to give up her life, she does the next best thing: She asks Sally to trap her in another dimension. Donna also wants Sally to never use her powers again but that's a promise Sally knows she can't make.

Ever since she witnessed Josh partially transform into a werewolf and toss Mark across the room, Nora has been … tense. She fears that the wolf inside Josh is taking over. Of course, it doesn't help that Josh's wolf recently slept with Mark's wife, Wendy.

Josh agrees with Nora but he doesn't know what to do other than hope Donna can help. Unfortunately, they don't even get the chance to talk to Donna. When Josh comes to visit Nora in their bedroom –after a stint on the count since he's in the dog house—things get hot and heavy and, before either one of them realizes what's happening, the wolf has taken over Josh's body again.

Scared for her own safety, Nora leaves the house until Josh can figure out how to get a better handle on the situation.