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Episode Recap: Going Dutch


Aidan, Marcus, and Bishop continue to show the Dutch vampires around town, including the secret vampire club where human women willingly let vampires drink their blood. The Dutch are disgusted by this city trend and they choose to attack the women viciously.  While they wait, Bishop lets on that he knows someone has betrayed him.  Later, Rebecca lets Aidan know that she’s disappointed in him for coming back to the vampire clan.

At the hospital, Nora is once again pissed at Josh for disappearing on her—this time for two days.  Of course, Josh can’t tell her that vampires had kidnapped him but, no matter, Nora has news of her own: she’s pregnant.  Josh is so shocked by the news that he doesn’t take it well but Aidan thinks it’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, Sally has her own problems.  Danny and Bridget have shown up at the house with an exorcist to remove her spirit.  Without Aidan and Josh to help her, Sally fights the exorcist but, in the end, she just can’t hold out—the exorcist is too strong.

Marcus, unnerved by the fact that Bishop is suspicious, tries to work a deal with the Dutch to take over Boston but they are unmoved by his arguments so he tries to form an alliance with Rebecca.  The Dutch ask Bishop to take a fifty-year leave of absence from Boston and to render his decision at dinner.  Bishop, however, has one last ace up his sleeve.

Once Josh is able to get Nora to sit still for a moment, he confesses that he didn’t think he could get anyone pregnant.  That softens her up, but he doesn’t tell her what’s really on his mind—the fact that the child could be a werewolf too.

Half dead, Sally dives into the exorcist’s body allowing the exorcist to see her memories.  Immediately, the exorcist knows that Danny killed Sally and she stops the exorcism.  When the exorcist leaves, Bridget leaves too, leaving Danny in the house alone with a very angry spirit.

After Bishop turns the tables on the Dutch, all hell breaks loose and, in the heat of the moment, Aidan turns on the Dutch to help save Bishop.  Marcus stops Aidan and is about to kill him, but Rebecca gets the drop on him and drives a stake through Marcus’s heart. The Dutch flees but not before warning Aidan to prepare for what’s next.  Rebecca, certain that the vampires will seek revenge on her for killing Marcus, begs Aidan to set her free by killing her and he reluctantly obliges.