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Episode Recap: I Want You Back (From the Dead)


Aidan returns home to see Bernie getting bullied again but he dare not help since Bernie’s mother was so adamant about him staying away from them.  As he and Sally watch from their window, they are horrified to see Bernie back away from the bullies only to get hit by a passing car.  Using CPR, Aidan saves Bernie’s life, just barely, but with Bernie’s organs failing at the hospital he can’t help but feel guilty for not helping.

Sally visits the haunted hospital wing to see if anyone has responded to the message she left on the wall but instead finds a familiar name, a guy she went to school with named Nic Fenn.  She seeks him out and the two reconnect, if a bit awkwardly.  At first, neither tells the other how they died, but they agree to hang out again.  Sally confides in Josh about her previous crush on Nic Fenn and how her life might have been different with him instead of her murderous fiancé. 

Josh and Nora are enjoying a quiet evening at home when Josh dreams that he’s changing into a werewolf right in front of her. This prompts him to try and “dial things down” with Nora who is more than a little confused by his antics. When Nora shows Josh how she’s been physically hurt by men before, Josh changes his tune so he doesn’t loose her completely.

Aidan tries drowning his sorrows at the local vampire club, but he gets carried away and almost kills two human women.  Somehow, Rebecca arrives just in time to stop him and Aidan tearfully bares his soul to her.  She suggests turning Bernie into one of them, but, of course, Aidan refuses and Bernie passes away.  Later, Aidan is shocked when Bernie shows up at the park—Rebecca decided to turn Bernie into a vampire herself.  It isn’t long before Bernie appears to kill the two bullies who caused his death and Aidan must make the hard choice to kill Bernie before he does more harm.

Sally ends up on a “date” with Nic who teaches her all about how to have fun as a ghost.  When he leaves abruptly, Sally follows only to see him disappear in a swirl of water.  It seems that Nic must relive his drowning death every day in some sort of death echo.  That doesn’t stop him from kissing Sally though.  Sally wants to fix Nic’s death echo and Nic doesn’t want to change it, so they decide that they won’t be able to work as a couple.