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Episode Recap: If I Only Had Raw Brain


Livid about Pete being mauled by vampires, Josh confronts Aidan and reads him the riot act. As if that wasn't enough, Kenny forces Aidan's hand by deciding to leave his bubble with or without Aidan's help. Aidan relents and promises to turn Kenny before he dies. Once free of the hospital, Kenny wastes no time in living life to the fullest, even as a shadowy figure follows them around town.

At home, Sally begs Josh and Nora to padlock her inside her room. Josh hates the idea but, until there is a way to curb her appetite for human flesh, there really is no other option. The three of them decide to confront Donna, the witch responsible for Sally's current state of affairs but the whole building where Donna used to work has vanished!

Nora feels sorry for Sally so she urges Josh to move up the wedding—to today.  She wants to give Sally the chance to participate.  When they go to break the news, however, Sally is gone. She went to visit Max at the funeral home. Sally pitches Max on the possibility of eating one of his cadavers. Max refuses and the two of them reach an odd stalemate but at least they admit that they love each other.

Once Josh and Nora decide to go through with the marriage, they must, of course, also have an impromptu bridal shower and a bachelor party. Josh's sister Emily drags Josh to a local strip club and Kenny is all too eager to come along.  At the club, Aidan realizes that Kenny has trouble with keeping secrets but that's nothing compared to Josh's problem. When one of the strippers takes him into the back for a private dance, the stripper's fangs pop out—she's a vampire out for wolf blood.  Aidan steps in to stake the vampire and saves Josh in the nick of time but unfortunately Emily sees it all—forcing Josh to explain the unexplainable: That he is, in fact, a werewolf and Aidan is a vampire. Needless to say, Emily is overwhelmed.

Back at home, Sally makes Aidan promise to kill her when the time comes but Aidan comes up with a better solution—he offers his body to Sally to eat since he knows he can heal himself by drinking lots of blood.  After a bit of nourishment, Sally feels better enough to go find the psychic that once tried to exorcise her, and ask her advice about fighting Donna.

The psychic is reluctant but Sally persists and is rewarded with a Latin incantation to use when the time comes. Unfortunately, Donna is keeping tabs.  She sends Ray, the re-animated werewolf that Josh once killed to interrogate and kill the psychic. The odds are stacking up against Sally.

Later, Sally shares a few fond words with Max, and Jeff (Kat's ex, who Aidan seemingly killed last episode in a fugue state), who has come back from the dead as deformed vampire, confronts Aidan. This, of course, begs the question: Will Aidan do the same to Kenny?