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Episode Recap: It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong


As Aidan talks about how it feels to be a monster in a world of humans, we see Marcus stalking Josh, Rebecca setting up a camcorder to record a romantic encounter, Danny tossing Sally’s wedding ring into the Charles River, and that same wedding ring landing inside the house where Sally died.

JOSH: Now that’s she’s not treating him like the antichrist, Josh’s crush on Nurse Nora has grown.  He even works up the nerve to ask her out, kind of.  And she agrees, kind of.  All he has to do is figure out if she intended to say “yes.”  While he discusses it with Aidan, Emily shows up.  She and her girlfriend broke up and she needs to crash at Josh’s place.  While she’s there, she admits that she told their parents that Josh was alive and okay.  After Josh is able to pin Nora down to a date at his place, Josh kicks everyone out and Aidan takes Sally and Emily to a nightclub.  While Rebecca distracts Aidan, Marcus takes the opportunity to beat up Emily. 

AIDAN: It turns out that Rebecca’s recording was intended for Aidan.  In it, we see Rebecca starting to make passionate love to a stranger and then kill him during the sex act.  For Sally and Josh’s benefit, Aidan pretends not to like it but Rebecca has secretly touched a nerve.  He can’t stop watching it, which was exactly the point.  Bishop and Marcus are hoping that Rebecca can bring Aidan back into the vampire fold.  They make a second attempt by bringing Rebecca to the same nightclub where Aidan is babysitting Emily, Josh’s sister.  Rebecca comes clean and admits it’s all a ploy, but can Aidan trust her?

SALLY: Sally can’t understand why her ring keeps returning to her but being in possession of it makes her anger at Danny fester.  She wants to do something with it but she isn’t sure what.  In the interim, she fantasizes about letting Aidan kill Danny and her anger spills over into the house, making it shake and rumble.  Even Emily can feel the chill of Sally’s anger.  Sally decides to spook Danny by putting the ring in his apartment again but Danny takes it out on Bridget.  At the nightclub with Aidan and Emily, Sally meets Lindsay, a ghost who follows her ex-boyfriend around to torment him.  Through her, Sally gets to see what it would be like if she keeps obsessing over Danny.  When Bridget brings Sally’s ring back to the house, Sally sees the bruises on her arm and fears that Danny might kill her too.

But only time will tell whether or not Sally will exact revenge on Danny, if Aidan will be able to trust Rebecca and if Josh will face his parents.