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Episode Recap: It's a Shame About Ray


When last we saw Aidan he was being buried alive by Mother, the leader of the vampires, while Henry, Aidan’s “son,” was forced to watch.  Now, more than a year later, Aidan is weak and prone to hallucinate but still clings desperately to life inside his coffin.  When someone digs him up, he is hopeful but Aiden’s savior is just an enterprising human looking to fill the sudden demand for pure vampire blood.

In Aidan’s absence, a virus has decimated the ranks of the vampires and left only a few alive.  Because of this smaller network, word travels fast that Aidan is back and one of the Amish vampires, Atlee, comes to save him, or so Aidan thinks.  As it turns out, Atlee only wants Aidan for his blood, which he thinks will cure him and his brethren.  Thanks to an inspiring hallucination of Bishop, Aidan fights to save himself but is easily overpowered.  When the morning comes, the vampire that drank his blood is dead and Aidan is dying.  All he has is his will to survive, by any means necessary.

A year ago, Josh and Nora were at the mercy of Ray, the werewolf who originally turned Josh.  That’s a far cry from where they are now: Sampling psychics all over town and trying to find the right one to reconnect them with Sally, who has been lost in limbo since she shred herself. Flashing back to a year ago, we see that - to save Nora - Josh shot Ray. In doing so, the werewolf curse on him was broken and Josh is now human. Nora, however, is not.

When the psychic that Sally’s ex-fiancé hired to exorcise her shows up unexpectedly, it gives them hope.  She won’t go back into the house but she gives them the name of a woman who might be able to help them: Ms. Donna Gilchrist.  They track Donna down and soon discover that their efforts to save Sally will not be without cost.  Donna, who seems to be some kind of witch, not only wants them to bring her the heart of a person that they killed but she also wants them to dig up Sally’s body.

Sally, meanwhile, has found Stevie and Nick in limbo but is still unable to break free.  Every “day” she gathers them both and takes them to the ghostly door of the house she shared with Aidan and Josh to see if the door will open.  Unfortunately, every time, it stays shut.  Despite them being pessimistic, Sally keeps convincing Stevie and Nick to try.

Finally, Josh and Nora do what Donna asks by digging up Ray’s body to cut out his heart.  Soon, Donna is casting a spell and, on Sally’s side, the spell manifests as the door to the house opening.  She forces Stevie and Nick to push through the door with her.

When Sally’s mummified body begins to breathe as a real, flesh and blood woman, Josh and Nora are both happy and terrified.  Sally is weak, but she manages to ask them about Stevie and Nick as well.

In the woods, Donna secretly tracks down the rest of Ray’s buried body. What's she want it for?