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Episode Recap: It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To


In the season two finale of Being Human, Josh wrestles with the sudden loss of Julia, Sally is wracked with guilt over what she’s done to Nick and Aidan returns to Boston to confront Suren about leaving him.

When pressed by Aidan, Suren confesses that she loves him and only came back to Mother to prevent him from being hunted down and killed—she was trying to save him.  Once Aidan realizes that Suren will never be free of Mother’s grasp, he decides to take matters into his own hands. With Henry’s help, Aidan devises a plan to kill Mother. Henry is reluctant at first but ultimately agrees to help Aidan, his maker. Aidan, through a series of flashbacks, remembers that Mother is weakest when she’s sleeping in her lake house cellar and hopes to attack her then. He asks Henry to leave a sign outside Mother’s estate so that he’ll know when it’s safe but, when Aidan enters, he discovers that Henry has been captured and Mother is waiting for him with reinforcements. Mother tries to get Suren to kill the captured Aidan but, when Suren refuses, Mother kills her own daughter—right in front of Aidan! Aidan tries to exact revenge but falls short and Mother decides to have him buried alive—a fate worse than death. Mother left Suren buried for 80 years—will Aidan fare any better?

It seems that Sally has taken up a new hobby: Trying to sneak into the doors of other ghosts. After seeing what happened to Nick and Danny, Sally is intent on finding a way into ghost limbo so that she can figure out how to bring Nick back. When her mother shows up, Sally thinks that she’ll get some help but, unfortunately, her mom’s door appears just as suddenly. Feeling sorry for Sally, Sally’s mom suggests that she take the door meant for her but Sally knows that will only drive her crazy. Sally tries to get her mom to shred her but her mother loves her too much to inflict that type of pain on her daughter. 

Finally, with Scott the Reaper looking on, Sally does the unthinkable—she shreds herself, hoping to find her way into limbo and to bring Nick back. We can hear Sally’s voice in the house’s radio, so we know she made it but how will she get back?

When Josh heads home to Ithaca for Julia’s funeral, his sister Emily heads him off at the pass.  With everyone blaming him for Julia’s death, it’s best for him to keep his distance. Back in Boston, he finds out that Nora was hurt during the eclipse as well, and as he sits by her bedside she tells him that killing Ray, the werewolf who turned him, will cure both her AND Josh. With this news, Josh takes a dark turn and decides to kill Ray and free himself of the curse.  Surprisingly, Aidan offers to help but when Aidan doesn’t show up after Josh and Sally lure Ray into the woods, Josh is left to fend for himself. Ray gets the upper hand and is about to kill Josh when Nora shows up unexpectedly wielding a gun.  As we fade to black we hear two shots, but who will live and who will die?