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Episode Recap: Lil' Smokie


Concerned about exactly what type of ghost she has become, Sally reads her new spell book religiously much to her roommates chagrin. Aidan is pretty skeptical about her new powers but he tries to be supportive anyway.

While reading the spell book, Sally sees a spell for recalling her magical door. Sally gave up her door a long time ago and, ever since then, she's been afraid that she's stuck on this plane forever. Since the spell starts to disappear before her eyes, Sally decides to invoke it while she can.
Moments later, Donna appears. It turns out that Donna planted the book and the magic door spell to trick Sally into releasing her. Sally seems outmatched by Donna but she thinks fast: She burns the spell book, which also gets rid of Donna. The unfortunate side effect is that all of the spells are instantly burned into Sally's mind.

This turns out to be a good thing for Nora since Sally is able to heal her scarred stomach. As soon as Sally completes the spell, however, she vanishes again. This time, Sally sees the girl who she previously saw being sacrificed. When Sally returns to the present, she sees a note from the girl scrawled on a wall: "Don't leave me."

At the hospital, Aidan is kidnapped by vampires and brought to Kenny, who is anxious to share good news: A) He's now "running Boston…and B)He's opening a new, more peaceful blood lounge for vampires. Kenny wants Aidan's help but Aidan wants nothing more to do with that kind of life.

After three months away, Josh is reluctant to return to work and his fears seem to be well founded.  He simply can't keep the wolf at bay and ends up quitting his job. Outside of work, things aren't much better. Josh is attacked by two vampires and ends up turning into a werewolf to fend them off. It's an odd phenomenon that even 200-year-old Aidan can't explain.

It turns out that Kenny sent the vampires to kill Josh. Kenny hoped that with Josh dead, he and Aidan would get closer. He was very wrong. Aidan also learns that Kenny has the ability to "compel" other vampires—a skill that gives him a great deal of power and also drains him. All along, Kenny's face has still be mutated but he's been able to convince everyone, including Aidan, that he's "normal" again.

Kenny and Aidan's talk is interrupted by an emergency phone call—all the vampires at the new lounge have been killed! Later, Aidan and Kenny review surveillance footage and see that the killer is actually Suzanna, Aidan ex-wife. Aidan decides to keep quiet, for now. How will he stay loyal to the woman he once loved when he knows that she's become a cold blood killer.