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Episode Recap: Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These


Unbeknownst to Princess Suren, Aidan knows exactly where Bishop's orphans are hiding out and he searches amongst them to find Henry. Josh calls Nora, desperate to find out why she didn't show up to lock herself in the storage unit with him. And Sally finds out from Josh that her own mother has somehow ended up in the hospital where Aidan and Josh work.

Sally comes with Josh to the hospital and tries to help make her parents comfortable as best she can by telling Josh what each of them might need. Sadly, her mom slips away but the sadness is short lived now that the two of them are reunited as ghosts. Unfortunately for Sally, it turns out that mommy dearest has her own agenda—reuniting with Jerry Patterson, the neighbor she was cheating on her husband with.  Needless to say, Sally isn't pleased and a group dinner with Josh and Aidan becomes very uncomfortable. Plus, it turns out that mom isn't happy either—she's sad that Sally is still living in the house where she was killed.

While running an errand for Sally's folks, Josh is confronted at the hospital by two cops who deliver the shocking news that Will, Nora's ex, was attacked and mutilated. They want to know where Nora is (given she has motive to kill will), but Josh has no idea. Josh confronts the twin purebred werewolves looking for answers but all he gets is another dose of their elitist attitude. Worried about the cops on their trial, Josh asks Aidan to help but when Aidan brushes him off, he seeks out Cecilia—the vampire cop—to clean things up. She's reluctant to help a werewolf at first but when Josh promises to deliver the purebreds to her, she decides it's worth the risk to get some brownie points with the vampire clan.  Will she be able to take them on alone, is the question.

Aidan passes word that he's looking for Henry but there's no sign of him.  Slightly depressed by the memories of Henry's betrayal, Aiden gets drunk off live blood and is visited by visions of Bishop, his maker. Chipper and vital as ever, Bishop eggs Aidan on, urging him to find and kill Henry. When Henry shows up at his door, Aidan is surprised, especially when Henry reveals that he wants to get back into the vampire family. The two of them fight but Aidan simply isn't able to kill Henry. Bishop congratulates him on not being able to kill his child but warns him that it will be a mistake that costs him his life—much like not killing Aidan ended up being Bishop's undoing.