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Episode Recap: Of Mice and Wolfmen


Traumatized by the recent turn of events, Josh and Aidan sulk in the basement while Sally brings them food and tries to lift their spirits. The closer Aidan gets to death, the more he remembers about the life he led when he was first turned into a vampire more than two hundred years ago. 

Finally, Aidan gets fed up and goes back to work. As soon as Kenny sees Aidan he knows that Aidan is dying and that his chance of becoming a vampire is slipping away. Aidan wishes him well but refuses to turn him. Once Blake gets the news, she confronts Aidan and promises to do what he can't: Turn Kenny into a vampire. And Aidan is too weak to stop her.

When Nora reemerges from her post-transformation slumber, she tries to hurry home but runs into Pete, a cheerful werewolf with lots of advice. Later, Nora finally makes peace with Aidan after Josh tells her that Aidan took the blame for killing Byrnn. Feeling guilty about her bad behavior, Nora brings Kat to see Aidan before he dies.  Kat's been worried sick and, once she sees how bad off Aidan is, she's even more concerned.

Even though it's the worst possible time, Pete happens to stop by for a visit.  Once Nora and Josh open up to him, Pete is able to help them on many different levels—the most important of which is encouraging Josh and Nora to make peace with their wolves.  Josh is reluctant but he tries meditation with Pete and is disappointed with the results.

Soon, Aidan starts convulsing and looks like he's about to die but then he wakes up better than ever—the wolf blood he drank from Josh and Erin has immunized him somehow. He goes back to Kenny to renew their deal and warns off Blake. He also takes a huge gamble by telling Blake how he healed himself. In the end, he thinks it'll be better to have the vampires chasing Liam and his goons than the other way around. As long as the vampires leave Josh and Nora alone, Aidan won't come after Blake. As soon as he can, Aidan runs back into the arms of Kat.

When Sally's body starts literally falling apart (as in, her toothbrush goes through her teeth), she finds herself overcome by the urge to eat, of all things, a mouse. She finds that her sores heal when she does. Meanwhile, Zoe confides in her that Nick bit her, in a hungry way. This, of course, prompts Sally to investigate but Nick talks Sally down—he feels eating flesh is a small price to pay for being brought back to life.

At first Sally feels better, but she quickly realizes that her hunger is growing exponentially. She decides to stop eating animals cold turkey, no matter what the cost. Across town, Zoe comes home to discover Nick feeding on a cat and he lunges at her!