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Episode Recap: Oh Don't You Die For Me


Now, that Sally has returned to her own time period, she sees that things are very much the same.

Nora is still afraid of Josh and, out of his loneliness, Josh seeks the company of Mark and Andrew, the werewolves he knows. He decides to show them that he can transform into a werewolf at will and is shocked when the werewolves suddenly make him their pack leader.

The gift however, is also a curse. Mark, Andrew and the rest of the pack plan to use Josh to transform willing humans into new werewolves. They want to grow the pack's numbers and they want to finally recruit members, like the vampires do. Josh is not willing to play along so they cage him, intent on forcing him into it.

When Astrid, the young werewolf that Kenny has been dating, sees what's happening she rushes to warn Aidan, Sally and Nora and the gang quickly rushes off to save Josh. They succeed but, in the process, Sally hurts herself by possessing werewolves to help Aidan fight them off one by one.

The act of possessing all those people is draining Sally but she uses her last bit of energy to jump into the body of a big guy to plant a kiss on Aidan. Sally hopes the kiss will help trigger memories of their time together. It doesn't. Sally ends up in a ghost-coma after draining all her energy. Aidan wonders why she risked it all for him and Nora explains to Aidan, the big lug, that Sally did it because she loves him. Duh.

It might be good timing for Aidan. His affair with Suzanna, his first and only wife, has gotten more than a little bumpy. She wants Aidan to kill Kenny, his son, so that she can continue to wipe out the vampires in Boston.

Aidan refuses and Suzanna takes matters into her own hands by sneaking into the funeral home and incapacitating Kenny. She wants to force Aidan to stake Kenny as some kind of twisted payback for the killing of their son Isaac. Of course, it was Suzanna who killed their son, not Aidan, so the logic is flawed.

Just as Suzanna is about to force Aidan's hand to kill Kenny, it all clicks into place for Aidan: Suzanna is driven by guilt. She can't forgive herself for killing their son so she lashes out against everything around her. Aidan realizes that he has to kill her to set her free. Once he does, he and Kenny are left to ponder their close brush with death and what it means for the vampire rebuilding effort that Kenny is currently involved in.

Meanwhile, Sally awakes from her coma and seems to be stuck in an alternate time. Can she escape again, or is she stuck forever?