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Episode Recap: Old Dogs, New Tricks


If Aidan wasn't in shape before, he certainly is now. Three times a day Aidan dashes through the woods with a wolf nipping at his heels until he can safely trap the wolf inside a makeshift pen. While the exercise is good for Aidan's heart, it's not so good for his peace of mind since the wolf trying to maul him is actually Josh.

Despite that small wrinkle, Aidan seems to be doing pretty well. He and Kat are getting along famously and he's free of all various political machinations of the vampire empire … although he did have to stop fellow vampire Blake from stealing another dead body from the hospital where he works.

Certainly, Aidan will be shocked when he finds out that his ugly duckling of a son, Kenny, has somehow transformed himself and is the leader of the Boston vampires but that's a burden for another day. Today, he has to deal with the fact that Suzanna, his presumed dead wife from the 1700's seems to be alive, well and a bit too interested happy about his relationship with Kat.

Meanwhile, Josh having a very hard time. Not only is he stuck in werewolf form for all but one day of the month, he also desperately misses Nora, whom he only gets to see on the full moon. Like ships passing in the night, they only get to spend time together once a month: During the full moon, Josh returns to human form just minutes before Nora starts to transform into her wolf.

This reality greatly depresses Josh to the point of wanting to die. When he realizes that he won't commit suicide, however, he tries to force Aidan and Nora to kill him. Thankfully, Sally is able to help contain Josh so that Nora can sedate him.

Sally? Yes, Sally is back from the beyond. She and Donna the BAD witch, were stuck in a forced purgatory for quite some time but, eventually, Sally figured out how to get herself out by diving into Donna's "death spot." Yeah, it's complicated but the bottom line is: Sally escaped despite Donna's emphatic warning that Sally was in danger of destroying the Universe, as we know it.

In fact, after she stops Josh's wolf with a surprising wall of flame, Sally is transported to the site of a ritual killing of a child. Could Sally's actions have caused it?