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Episode Recap: Pack It In, Pack It Up


When we last saw Aidan, he'd decided to confess to Kat that he is, in fact, a vampire. As expected, Kat doesn't believe him—at least, not until he shows her the blackness of his eyes. After that, things take a turn for the worse: Kat is frightened of him and doesn't to see him ever again. Somehow, Aidan wasn't prepared for that response.

After Josh and Nora meet more wolf couples over at Andrew and Caroline's house, they decide to host a baby shower for the happy couple. It's only supposed to be for a few people but, unbeknownst to Josh, Andrew invited the whole wolf pack over.

What was intended to be a small baby shower quickly becomes a full-on party, which is further complicated by the appearance of Emily, Josh's alcoholic sister, who is just out of rehab. Once the party gets crazy, she's very tempted by the availability of liquor and Sally tries to "help" by casting a spell on her.

As usual, Sally's intentions backfire and instead of helping Emily overcome her desire to get drunk her spell allows Emily to see Kenny for what he truly is: a deformed vampire. 

Of course, Kenny and Aidan shouldn't really be in the midst of a werewolf party anyway but they were out getting drunk (on bagged blood) and walked into the house party in progress. They mix into the party well but once Emily panics about how Kenny looks, so does Kenny and tensions flare quickly.  Soon, there is a huge altercation and Aidan and Kenny have to fight their way out, putting a damper on current vampire/werewolf relations. Although, later, Kenny ends up dating a werewolf, name Astrid, he met at the party.

Later, Aidan, who is trying his best to get over his very first broken heart, takes to stalking Kat from a distance but he doesn't approach her. He decides to fight though the pain he's feeling one day at a time, especially since Sally reminds him of the animals he and Henry were back in the 1920's—a horror Sally witnessed herself during one of her recent time travel episodes.

After a long discussion, Josh and Nora decide to join the wolf pack and, for once, be part of a larger group. It certainly helps that Mark, the leader of the pack, apologies to Josh for his behavior at the party.