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Episode Recap: Partial Eclipse of the Heart


In this week's episode, Aidan gets some unexpected help in his efforts to escape while a solar eclipse has disastrous consequences for Sally and Josh.

When we last saw Aidan, Henry had just ambushed him at the hole-in-the-wall hotel where he was hiding with Suren. Thankfully, it turns out that Henry is just playing along with Mother's wishes—he wants to help Aidan go on the run but without Suren. Speaking of Suren, she's having a tough time adjusting to a life where not everything is at her beck and call. After Aidan sends Henry back to Boston with a scar and a good story to tell, Aidan visits one of the vampire elders and blackmails him into taking him and Suren in. When Aidan returns to the hotel with the good news, however, he finds that Suren is gone—she's returned to the life of being a vampire princess. 

Sally is still haunted by what she did to Nick so she stalks Zoe at the hospital to beg her forgiveness and ask for another chance at baby reincarnation.  Zoe, of course, ignores her but, later, a solar eclipse causes one of the ghosts that Sally "shredded" to reappear right in front of them. Quickly, Sally and Zoe deduce that the eclipse is causing shredded ghosts to reappear in the same place where they were shredded. They each rush to the house where they find the ghosts of Nick and Danny laying helplessly on the floor. Ironically, Danny is happy to see Sally while Nick is terrified.  When Zoe shows up, Nick lies to her about how peaceful his limbo is and the two of them share a heartfelt goodbye.

Josh seeks out Ray and learns that Ray has reconnected with his family and even started his own business.  Josh can't stomach the idea of killing Ray to lift the werewolf curse so instead; he asks Ray's advice. Surprisingly, Ray suggests that Josh should tell his woman (Julia) everything. As if on cue, Julia tells Josh that Chelsea, her best friend from Ithaca is in town and asks if she and Josh can tell Chelsea that they've gotten back together. Josh is reluctant but warms up to the idea. After Chelsea leaves them alone together, Josh decides to confess about the wolf but, before he can, the eclipse triggers his transformation and Josh ends up showing Julia rather than telling her. 

Speechless, Julia backs away and gets hit by a passing car, killing her instantly. Julia's ghost stops to talk to Josh long enough to let him know that he should have told her everything before vanishing though her door, leaving Josh alone with his loss and guilt.