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Episode Recap: Ramona The Pest

When Sally wakes up in the bed where she witnessed “Lil Smokie” being sacrificed during one of her pops back in time, she's more than a little upset. But there's a difference this time though. Somehow, Sally can hear the voices of Josh and Nora through the wall so she realizes that she’s still in the “present”.

Josh has just awakened after being captured and tortured by the werewolf pack. Nora was obviously very concerned for Josh’s safety, so she was waiting by his bedside. Now that he's awake, however, she plans to go back to her place—she's still afraid of him.

But before they can work their marital woe both Josh and Nora are surprised to see Sally peeking in at them from their closet. It turns out the room Sally has visited so many times is actually a secret chamber of the house they all live in. The room has all the evidence of a child living inside of it, but underneath the bed is a disturbing pool of blood that has hash marks in it. Someone’s keeping count—but for what?

The roommates are distracted from their secret room discovery by Mr. Malik, Robbie and Sally's father, stopping by to tell them that the house has been sold and they only have a few days to pack up and vacate the premises. Without much fight left in any of them, each of the roommates start packing and making future plans. Josh and Nora decide to move in together as do Aidan and Sally—as best they can.

All the planning is interrupted, when Ramona, nee “Lil Smokie”, appears out of thin air. Apparently, she's been haunting the secret room since before Sally moved in with her fiancé ages ago. Now that she's out and interacting with “people” who can see her, she's horrified by the idea of being left alone again.

Meanwhile Kenny and Astrid are making plans to flee too. Through Aidan, the lovebirds solicit Josh’s help but he is too conflicted about the repercussions so Nora plans to do it instead. When Nora answers the door to the brownstone however, Astrid sticks a gun in her face and demands to see Josh. Mark, Andrew and the rest of the wolves put her up to it. They’re not going quietly.

Upstairs Josh tries to come to Nora’s rescue but Ramona won't let him out of the room until he transforms into the wolf. Ramona’s trying to protect him …it seems. Once Ramona finally lets him out the wolf pounces and slaughters Astrid, Andrew Mark and the rest of the wolves, in order to save Nora.

Aidan tells Kenny that other werewolves killed Astrid because he doesn't want Kenny to hate Josh and retaliate. The lie does the trick until Astrid shows up as a ghost and tells Kenny the truth. Kenny is livid, to say the least.

Sally and Aidan try to help Ramona by contacting her twin sister who is all grown up but it doesn't go well. She’s not willing to entertain the thoughts of her long dead sister. Although Sally isn’t able to give Ramona closure she is able to help Josh confront and overcome his inner wolf so that the wolf’s killer spirit doesn’t get the best of his humanity.