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Episode Recap: Rewind, Rewind


Recently, Sally has been having difficulty staying in the present. In fact, when Sally last interacted with Donna, Sally found out that the more she uses her powers, the more likely she is to get stuck in a time period other than her own.

During one of these unexpected time travel episodes, Sally finds herself watching as passive "Old Sally" settles in with Danny. At first she's bored to tears at this pop back in time, but when she sees herself lose her wedding ring, she knows exactly what's about to happen— this is the night that Danny murdered her!

Unable to let herself be killed again by Danny, Sally possesses her own body and stops him cold. Not only does she stop Danny from killing her, Sally completely ends the relationship and storms out— not before punching him in the face. Nice!
Later on Sally's bff, Bridget, takes Sally to the local hospital to check on her bruised hand (Danny's got a hard face). Sally wants to leave the hospital as soon as possible so that she doesn't screw witht the future anymore, but when she sees Aidan she can't force herself to leave. He's still just as cute as she remembers and Sally's mortal now, so she figures that it's fair game. What's the harm in a little alternate plane crush?

Sally almost explains who she is when she sees him, but she can't just yet. Instead, she bides her time and crashes Aidan's date with a coworker, Rebecca, before he can kill her. Although she has a new lease on life, so to speak, Sally still has all her memories from the past and she clearly remembers that this date with Rebecca didn't end up so well. In fact, because of her memories from the future, Sally knows just about everything that Aidan is experiencing and she can prevent all the bad things from happening to him. It's an intoxicating mix for Aidan and he quickly falls head over heels for Sally.

With a little nudging from Sally, Aidan and Josh move into Sally's house and, as things progress, Sally dispenses advice to them based on her future memories. Aidan loves it, but Josh? Not so much. Sally persists in trying to help them though. Sally attempts to keep Josh from turning his girlfriend Nora into a werewolf, so Josh ends up scratching Sally turning her into a werewolf instead. It's a price Sally is all too happy to pay in exchange for a chance to live her life over again but it's too much of a burden for Josh.

Even though Josh is unhappy Aidan doesn't really care, which is a first sign for Sally that maybe she's altered the course of the future a bit too much. Before Sally can talk hold of the situation, Josh moves out of the house and falls in with Ray, his maker. The two of them head down a dark path together and end up attacking a group of vampires outside a blood den, one of which happens to be Aidan. Sally shows up and gets caught in the middle of the scuffle and ray conks her on the head with a pipe and she dies helplessly in an alley surrounded by a scorned Aidan and a regretful Josh.