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Episode Recap: Ruh, Roh


After rudely interrupting Josh and Nora's honeymoon, Liam forces the newlyweds to take a trip with him. They end up in an unseemly place: A nesting ground for the half vampires, half werewolves that are 100% dangerous. Liam tries to get Josh and Nora to kill them off their own volition but, when they refuse, he locks them in and they are forced to defend themselves. Ultimately, Josh decides to burn them all.

While Josh and Nora are preoccupied with their predicament, Liam heads over the to the house to kill Kenny, Aidan's "son."  Since Liam now knows that Aidan killed his son Connor, Liam intends to settle the score. In order to find out where Kenny is hiding, Liam shoots Aidan over and over while Sally can do nothing but watch.  Once Liam figures out that Kenny is in the basement, he goes in for the kill but Aidan and Sally do their best to stop him.

Just when Liam gets the upper hand, Josh and Nora return to the house and jump into the fray.  Liam knocks Nora out and Kenny can't help himself: He bites into Nora to suck her blood. Meanwhile Aidan has been impaled on the wall and, sacrificing his body, Aidan pulls Liam towards him, skewering Liam in the process.

Even though Kenny is an abomination like the ones Josh and Nora just killed, he is still Aidan's "son" and Aidan can't bring himself to kill him, even though he knows he should. After Kenny's attack on Nora, however, tensions in the house are high.  Aidan tells Josh he's going to kill Kenny but, instead, he lets Kenny loose in the woods. He just can't bring himself to harm Kenny who reminds Aidan of his blood son from many centuries ago.

Aidan's still got another problem to deal with - Kat. While at Aidan's house, she saw Sally's corpse (note to Aidan, Josh and Nora: Not a good idea to leave a dead body around when you have guests). She assumes Aidan is full blown sketchy (and rightfully so). Later, Aidan uses Blake to compel Kat to forget all the horrors she witnessed at Aidan's house.

Not to be bested by a mere ghost, Donna the witch figures out a way to come back for Sally. It takes some doing but Donna drags Sally into limbo with her—right through the place on the floor where Sally died.  If Sally beat her in real life, Donna wants to make sure she beats Sally in the afterlife.

Despite his previous disdain, Josh is starting to like his wolf more and more.  His Zen training with Pete seems to have paid off. In fact, Josh likes his wolf so much so, that during the next full moon his wolf lasts longer than Nora's wolf—when Nora returns to human form Josh is still a wolf. That's bad enough but when Nora sees Josh's wolf her attacks her!

Aidan feels somewhat resolved now that he has Kat in his life and has spared Kenny. He decides to takes a walk through town and just after he crosses the street a cab pulls up and a familiar face from the past gets out—Aidan's presumed dead wife from the 1700's, Suzanna (who we saw was drowned back in the day against accusations of witchcraft).