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Episode Recap: Something to Watch Over Me


Haunted by memories of all the people he’s killed during his many years as a vampire, Aidan decides to reach out for friendly human companionship by hosting a neighborhood watch meeting at the house.  When Josh comes home from the grocery store to find their living room full of humans, he’s horrified.  Sally is no help either.  Aidan invited her fiancé, and she’s too excited about seeing him to be rational.

Josh’s fears seem unfounded, though.  The evening goes well and soon Josh even discovers an unexpected friendship with two of the neighborhood watch members.  Officer Garity, the group’s police liaison does take a keen interest in Aidan, though.  Aidan blows it off but when Bishop shows up at the hospital to tell him that Garity looked Aidan up on the police computer, Aidan knows he needs to take care of it, or Bishop will.

Aidan tracks Garity down to a local bar where he tries to talk to him but it doesn’t go well.  It turns out that years prior, before he’d stopped being a predator, Aidan killed Officer’s Garity’s father—something Officer Garity is not likely to forget.  Garity even remembers the tattoo that he saw on Aidan’s chest all those years ago.  When Garity tries to see if Aidan has the same tattoo, the two of them struggle.  Garity accidentally kills Aidan and gets the scare of his life when he sees Aidan comes back to life.

Bishop wants to recruit Officer Garity to the vampire clan but Aidan thinks it would be more humane to “compel” him to forget everything—not that he’s ever been good at compelling.  When Garity doesn’t accept Bishop’s offer to become a vampire willingly, Aidan tries his hand at compelling him to forget.  It seems to work at first but Garity’s mind can’t take the mental strain and Aidan nearly kills him in the process.

Meanwhile, since Josh and Aidan are eager to help Sally explore the world beyond their home, Aidan brings home a ghost from the hospital to show her the ropes.  He’s fun and helpful but he turns out to be a bit too flirty for Sally’s tastes.  Nevertheless, he’s able to teach Sally a bit about love and loss and the magic door that will appear for her when it’s time for her to move on from earth.  Most importantly, he teaches Sally how to teleport, a power which she promptly uses to go visit, Danny, her ex-fiancé.

Josh’s neighborhood watch friendship takes a turn for the worst when their efforts to catch a neighborhood vandal unearth Josh’s darker side and he savagely attacks the man.  Since he’s unable to accept his wolf-like self that's lurking just beneath the surface, Josh starts avoiding his new friends. To see them is to be reminded of the monster he has within.