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Episode Recap: That Time of the Month


Naturally, Aidan is speechless when he finds that Suzanna, his presumed-dead wife from the 1700s, is alive and literally on his doorstep. It turns out that, unbeknownst to Aidan, Bishop turned Suzanna into a vampire almost immediately after she was drowned all those years ago.

Sally hates the fact that Josh is trapped inside the body of a wolf but when she goes to visit him something magical happens—some type of electricity between the two of them occurs. The moment passes, but Sally realizes that her new dark powers might be able to save Josh. Something inside leads Sally to Donna’s old lair where she discovers Donna’s massive book of spells—or did the book of spells find her? Either way, Nora and Aidan reluctantly agree to let Sally cast a spell to save Josh. Things go fairly well except for one small thing: Sally didn’t mention the fact that they have to stab Josh’s wolf in the heart. Once Aidan does the deed, Sally flickers out mid-spell, leaving Nora and Aidan to fend for themselves. In the end, they cut Josh out from inside the wolf. Josh is free but, since the spell wasn’t finished, what will it cost Josh?

Back in Aidan’s world, he offers Suzanna the opportunity to pick up where they left off. An action that would, of course, leaves Kat out in the cold. Thankfully, Suzanna demurs. She knows that Aidan has a full life and she doesn’t want to interfere. Plus, she can’t pull Aidan into her pit of guilt and despair. Although she tells Aidan that their son lived a full life, the truth is much more sinister: Consumed by bloodlust, Suzanna killed their child in order to feed herself. An atrocious act that she’s never been able to forgive herself for. Suzanna’s grief leads her to lash herself across her back with a whip. So while she lives in a self-imposed prison of mental guilt, Aidan is free to continue his relationship with Kat—just as long as he can keep his supernatural reality at bay.

When Sally finds her way back to the house and the present day (NOTE: everything has a side effect, even magic) she reports that what she saw this time was a moment in the past when Aidan and Josh had just moved in together.  It was a pleasant memory, which is a relief since her last unexpected excursion was much more traumatic.

Speaking of traumatic, Josh looks the same but there’s something a bit off about him. Once everyone goes to sleep and Josh gets out of bed, stares in the mirror and finds the wolf’s eyes staring back at him.