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Episode Recap: The End of the World As We Knew It


As Sally talks about the death rituals of different cultures, we see Aidan taking care of a dying patient at the hospital.  Later, a priest blesses the body before it’s wheeled away, and then, hidden away in the depths of the hospital, we see that same man come to life and the mysterious priest standing in the room with him. 

AIDAN: It turns out that Father Gates, the priest shown at the start of the episode, has turned Aidan’s patient into a vampire.  Aidan later discovers that Gates was instructed by Bishop to turn the patient because he was wealthy.  Of course, Aidan still doesn’t want Bishop recruiting at the hospital so he confronts him.  They fight, but because Aidan doesn’t drink live blood, he is no match for Bishop.  Before he can leave the funeral home, Bishop tells Aidan that his roommate Josh beat up Marcus.  Later, Aidan confronts Father Gates and when Gates refuses to back down, Aidan smashes the priest’s fangs—he knows that vampire fangs don’t grow back.  At least he’s found a way to keep Bishop out of the hospital—for now.

JOSH: The vampire bashing that Ray and Josh dealt out previously may have driven a wedge between them.  Josh seems distant but he still plans to transform with Ray during the full moon.  At the hospital, Josh runs into Nora, a woman he tried to seduce by using Ray’s advice.  It was an epic fail and now she loathes him but she’s shocked to find out that he visits sick patients on his days off.  Maybe he’s not as much of a jerk as he seemed at first.  Ray and Josh meet at the remote cabin as planned but things start to go south when Ray confesses that he was the werewolf that attacked Josh two years ago, turning Josh into a werewolf too.  The two fight, first as men and then as werewolves but the score is far from settled.  Josh wants Ray out of his house.

SALLY: At the house, the plumbing is not working, which usually means Sally is upset about something.  Since she’s already said her goodbyes to Danny and Bridget, she can’t think of anything else that might be bothering her.  They call Danny and he shows up with a plumber who finds the source of the problem: Sally’s wedding ring was lodged in the pipes.  As soon as Sally sees the ring, the memory of how she died comes back to her.  Danny accidentally killed her in a fit of jealous rage.  As the memories come back, the pipes of the house unclog themselves.  Aidan plans to kill Danny but Sally wants to deal with it herself.  She decides to trash Danny’s apartment and place her wedding ring right in the middle of the debris as a symbol from beyond.