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Episode Recap: The Panic Womb


Josh is exercising constantly—it's the only thing that helps keep him in control of the wolf. While he's out jogging he senses another werewolf—a pregnant woman named Caroline who is worried that her baby may be a wolf.  Josh offers Nora's services as a nurse to help ease Caroline's mind.  Soon, Caroline and her husband Andrew show up at the hospital for an ultrasound, which doesn't go very well. The couple leaves in a huff and Josh and Nora are left wondering if they did the right thing by reaching out to more werewolves.

They don't have to wonder long. Only three months into her pregnancy, Caroline's water breaks and, with nowhere else to turn, they show up on Josh and Nora's doorstep. It certainly isn't smooth sailing but the four of them are able to deliver the baby. The child is born a wolf but quickly changes into a baby girl. Seeing the successful birth also gives Josh and Nora hope for making a family of their own.

Sally, hell bent on trying to save the young girl she calls "Lil Smokie," seeks out Zoe, an old "frenemy," for help. Zoe is none too pleased to be back in touch with Sally but she agrees to help if only so she can get rid of Sally.  Their search leads them to a mature woman who claims to be Lil Smokie all grown up.  Satisfied and eager to be free of Sally, Zoe refuses to help any further but, as always, Sally is unlikely to let it go. She senses something odd at Lil Smokie's house and she wants to get to the bottom of it.

Aidan lied to Josh and Nora about killing Kenny but he decides now is the time to confess. Nora takes it well but Josh, not so much. Josh shouldn't feel too bad though because Aidan lied to Kenny too. Aidan told Kenny that he didn't know who was killing vampires in Boston, but he left out the detail that he did in fact know the killer and it just so happened to be his wife from centuries ago.

When Aidan confronts Suzanna, she ultimately admits that her life's purpose is to track down and kill vampires. She wants Aidan to join her but he's not convinced that Kenny and all of the other Boston vampires are so bad that they need to be extinct.

To keep everyone safe and to keep himself from choosing a side he tells Kenny where to find Suzanna but then warns Suzanna that she must flee.  In the process, Suzanna drops her sensitive act and tells Aidan that he needs to break up with Kat. According to Suzanna, it will end badly. A lesson Aidan already knows but was trying to forget. Aidan decides to tell Kat exactly what he is and hope that she can still love him. But upon his big reveal, Kat responds by laughing at Aidan's declaration that he's a vampire. Not exactly the response he was expecting.