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Episode Recap: The Ties That Blind


At the hospital, Josh discovers that Nora has finally returned from her self-imposed exile, at least physically—mentally, she's more confused than ever.  Back at home, Sally finds that she's not the only spirit haunting their abode—her latest ghostly tormentor is her recently deceased ex-fiancé Danny who has an ax to grind about being killed in prison. When one of the older vampires shows up to investigate Heggeman's death, Aidan finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. 

Josh and Nora try to get reacquainted but the rift between them has grown even wider since Will's murder. And the purebred werewolf twins certainly aren't helping matters by lying to Josh about being in contact with Nora. Nora tries to mend fences by deciding to "turn" with Josh in the storage unit, but finding out about Cecelia's attempt to kill the twins convinces her to side with her pack over Josh. Unfortunately, the twins have captured Cecelia and they hold her hostage in order to lure Aidan into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Nora is all too happy to play along once she realizes she loves being a wolf and the freedom it gives her. 

Once Aidan realizes that Cecelia is missing, he suspects Josh and confronts him.  Josh confesses to soliciting Cecelia's help and Aidan loses his temper. He's tired of trying to protect Josh from the vampire clan. When Conner calls Aidan to tell him that Cecelia has been captured, Aidan has no choice but to play along to protect Cecelia (and Josh). Later, during the full moon, Aidan finds himself outnumbered (four werewolves to one vampire) and he has no choice but to sacrifice Cecelia to survive.  In the morning, Aidan kills Conner in retribution and passes off the body as the wolf that killed Heggeman. That solves Heggeman's murder but it leaves two very pissed off werewolves to contend with: Nora and Conner's twin sister, Brynn.

After a pep talk from Aidan, Sally is convinced that she can take on Danny in a contest of ghostly powers, but she is sadly mistaken. Danny, it turns out, has learned all the tricks of the trade from the ghosts in the prison where he was killed. Just when Danny is about to kill Sally (again), the Reaper shows up and shreds Danny into oblivion. The Reaper has been sent to balance the scales and now that he's taken Danny, it's time to take Sally too. Fortunately, the Reaper gives Sally time to settle her accounts and say her goodbyes and promises to come shred her away later.  Sally waits up for her roommates, but Aidan and Josh are in no mood to talk after their harrowing night in the woods.  Sad but resolved, Sally prepares to leave them behind without saying goodbye.