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Episode Recap: There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2


Shown in a series of flashbacks, we learn more about the hardships of each of the roommates and how they came to end up where they are.

Sally had to watch her own memorial in silence while everyone looked right through her. Aidan was turned by Bishop during the Civil War and first woke up as a vampire in a pile of dead bodies. Josh was attacked by what he thought was a wolf until the next full moon caught him by surprise and he endured his first, painful transformation.

Picking up from the cliffhanger of the last episode, even though Aidan has given in to Bishop’s temptations and is indulging in fresh blood given willingly at a secret vampire club, the voicemail indicator on his cell phone jars him from his reverie.  After hearing Josh’s frantic message, Aidan is able (just barely) to save Emily by using his vampire speed to get to the hospital and let her out before Josh completes his transformation.

Forced into an uncomfortable position, Aidan refuses to explain Josh’s disorder to her, even though she tries to pry it out of him.  He leaves it up to Josh to tell her, if he wants.  Emily wants Josh to come back home so the family can help him but he refuses, feeling like the horror of his life is too much of a strain for his family. 

Back at the house, Sally has become obsessed with seeing her ex-fiancé Danny so Aidan calls Danny over to repair the plumbing (which won’t work as long as Sally is upset).  While Danny is there, Aidan and Josh ask him questions that they think Sally would want to know, including how she died—something Sally can’t seem to remember.

At the hospital, Cara, the new nurse, continues to take an interest in Aidan—ironic, since she has unwittingly taken the place of Rebecca, the nurse Aidan killed. When Josh sees a woman who looks like Rebecca, he gives chase and finds out that Rebecca is alive—as a vampire.  Naturally, Josh is furious with Aidan but when he confronts him, Aidan is just as surprised.  It was Bishop who turned Rebecca, straining his already fragile relationship with Aidan.

Aidan tries to help Rebecca get clean but she seems to love the thrill and power of being a vampire.  Disgusted with Rebecca, Bishop and, most of all, himself, Aidan has a drink with Cara but he immediately regrets it and asks Josh to come to the bar and chaperone.  Before Josh can get there, Rebecca interrupts Aidan and Cara’s date and, when Aidan doesn’t respond the way she wants, she attacks Cara, leaving her dying in an alley.

The only way Aidan can save her is to turn her into a vampire but he can’t bring himself to do it.  Cara dies in Josh’s arms.  Once again, it’s up to Bishop to clean up Aidan ’s mess in order to protect the vampire clan’s secrets.