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Episode Recap: There Goes The Neighborhood Part III


In the aftermath of killing Kenny to defend himself, Aidan succumbs to a bloodlust rage. All he can think about is killing Josh to make him pay for killing Astrid. Luckily, Sally sees it coming and, at the last second, she teleports everyone to the basement except Aidan.

After a brief strategy session, Sally, Nora and Josh let the crazed Aidan into the basement and Sally knocks him unconscious. Using a trick she learned from Donna, Sally sacrifices her soul to change Aidan from a vampire back into a human. Nora, Josh and the newly human Aidan have to use all their creativity to escape from Ramona and her rage but they do.

At Josh and Nora's new apartment, Aidan makes the decision to move into the RV as planned but not before rediscovering the joys of food—namely cheeseburgers and chili fries!

As Aidan adjusts to life as a human along with all the pitfalls that come with it, Ramona is busy being just as bad as ever. Back at the house, she kills a construction worker for no reason other than to get the attention of Josh, Nora and Aidan.

Of course, they all have other things on their mind now. Nora is pregnant and Aidan has discovered that changing back from vampire to human has its challenges, not the least of which is the fact that all of his internal organs are reverting to their true human age. Sadly, Aidan is rapidly being coming a legitimate old man and only has days to live.

Scared to die old and alone, Aidan even tries to befriend a new vampire and get him to turn Aidan back into a vampire so he can retain his immortality. Josh, however, accidentally interrupts the ritual. After that, the two of them have to have a serious heart to heart about what comes next.
Together, the they decide to do something about Ramona. Josh wants to help but

Aidan knows that Josh has too much to lose while Aidan has literally lived for hundreds of years.

Aidan goes to the house with a bag of supplies. By the time Ramona attacks him, Aidan has doused the whole place with gas. When Ramona knocks Aidan down the stairs, all he needs to do is toss his lighter and suddenly the house, and therefore Ramona, are engulfed in flames.

Aidan dies in the very same spot where Sally died all those many years ago. The flames engulf him and the house, leaving the place in ruins.
Since Aidan died as a human, he returns in ghost form and, as soon as he gets his door, Sally is there to greet him on the other side. Now, they have a lifetime to get reacquainted.

Nora and Josh are free to live their life as best they can. Later, we see them with their two children—the aptly named Sally and Aidan. Proving that sometimes, monsters can have happy endings too, just like us humans.