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Episode Recap: Too Far, Fast Forward!


As Sally lies dying on the cold street outside a vampire blood den, Aidan is inconsolable—even when Sally's ghost appears and she tells him that it’s time to move on he seems frozen in time. Once he finds out that Sally won’t get a door to move over into the beyond, Aidan is even more upset. Sally is stuck in his world but he can’t touch her.

Although they haven't spoken in more than a year, Aidan calls Bishop to solicit his help. Bishop is annoyed, but he also sees the opportunity to bring Aidan back in to the vampire fold. After Bishop takes care of Sally’s body, the two of them have vengeance on their mind. They track down Josh and Ray at a deserted warehouse where Josh is distraught about Sally but Ray is still full of anger and violence.

Josh apologizes to Aidan as best he can so Aidan chooses to let Josh live but kills Ray right in front of Sally's ghost. Sally is horrified and Josh is, as usual, tormented.

A year later, things are very different for all of them.

Aidan has ingratiated himself to Bishop by turning the hospital where he works into a food supply chain for untainted blood. A virus, which is fairly harmless to humans, has been decimating the ranks of the vampires and Aidan’s supply line is helping to keep the vampires alive. Unfortunately, Nora has become part of the endeavor and, in the process, has become addicted to drugs.  Even though he's now a part of the vampire culture, Aidan dislikes the way Bishop runs his house.

Meanwhile, Josh has carved out a quiet life as a cashier in a pie shop. A place where he toils away as Sally haunts the place and tries to force Josh to make a better life for himself. Sally seems to think that Donna, her witch frienemy, will be able to help her get back to her own time.

When a poisoned vampire tries to kill Josh, Sally remembers that the cure to the vampire virus is werewolf blood. Together, Sally and Josh go visit Aidan to tell him the news. They misjudged him though. Aidan uses the information to immunize himself while poisoning Bishop—Aidan plans to take over as leader of the vampires.

Once Josh gets tired of Sally, he seeks out some professional help. The exercise is futile except for finding out that Sally has secretly been possessing Josh. Soon thereafter, Donna summons Sally. Donna says that she can help them but all three of them have to want it. It’s a no-brainer for Josh and sally but Aidan takes some convincing.

Donna works her magic and soon Sally is back in the present, reappearing the same night that her brother Robbie died, as if nothing ever happened. Sadly, Aidan remembers nothing of his time with Sally in their alternate past.