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Episode Recap: When I Think About You I Shred Myself


In this week's episode, the Reaper trains (and torments) Sally, Josh and Julia find themselves making eyes at each other around the hospital, and Aidan breaks the "being human" pact by harboring a very wounded Henry in the house he shares with Josh and Sally.

Depressed but committed, Sally approaches her training with the Reaper in a determined fashion. After getting some help from the Reaper, Sally makes it through her first shredding but still feels unsettled—even more so when Boner shows up looking for Stevie. Now Sally knows for sure that Reaper has been misleading her. He told her that Stevie killed Boner and needed to be shredded to balance the scales. Sally turns to Zoe for advice and decides to attend Zoe's next ghost support meeting. When the Reaper uses this opportunity to kill all of the ghosts in the group, Sally panics and runs away. Later, Zoe's boyfriend Nick shows up to help but when the Reaper grabs him too, Sally is forced to confront a horrible reality: There is no Reaper. It's Sally who has developed a dark side and killed all the ghosts around her. Confused about what's happening, Josh and Aidan imprison Sally until they can figure out what to do with her.

When Josh's old friend Stu shows up unexpectedly, Josh is excited and surprised.  Stu, who was killed by the same werewolf who turned Josh, has been haunting Ithaca all this time before working up the courage to track down Josh. After an awkward but welcome reunion, Stu notices the reemerging sparks between Josh and Julia and advises Josh to keep his distance. Fat chance. Very quickly, Josh and Julia are rediscovering the sparks that led them to like each other in the first place. That, plus their long history, makes it hard to stay away from each other. After a late night drink with Julia, Josh is able, just barely, to walk away from Julia … at least momentarily.  He returns seconds later and takes her home. Oddly, Josh wakes up with no knowledge of what he's done. Turns out that Stu used Josh's body to sleep with Julia, the love of his life, leaving Josh with the tough choice to pull Julia closer or push her away.

Aidan nurses Henry back to health the only way he knows how, by providing fresh blood in the form of two very human vixens who offer themselves to Henry willingly—once Aidan compels them, of course. Henry regains his strength while Aidan remembers how Henry once helped him survive the ravages of war. When they first met ages ago, Henry removed bullets from Aidan's body and protected him from other suspicious patients in a makeshift war hospital. In gratitude, Aidan turned Henry to help him become a hunter instead of always being the prey. Back in present day, the women who are servicing Henry suddenly snap out of it and see Henry for the skinless monster he is. Aidan makes the instant decision to kill them, making the situation much worse for him, and heightening tensions between he and Josh.