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Episode Recap: Wouldn't it Be Nice (If We Were Human)

After his close call with Emily, Josh is nervous about transforming inside the hospital so he goes back to the place he knows best: the woods.  The plan, however, seems like a bad one when he can’t find a place secluded enough to transform.  Even more upsetting, when he awakens in the morning, he finds one of the people he ran into in the woods watching him.

After the man tells Josh that he sucks at being a werewolf, Josh learns that the man’s name is Ray and he’s also a werewolf.  It turns out that Ray has been tracking Josh and wants to become friends and helpmates but Josh hates his werewolf self too much to accept another werewolf into his life.  When Aidan reminds Josh that he may need a supernatural support system, Josh gives Ray a try and the two quickly bond.

Unexpectedly, Rebecca returns to Aidan to ask for his help living a clean, non-predatory life.  Although he was eager to help her before, Aidan seems to have had a change of heart.  Rebecca plays on his guilt for putting her in this situation in the first place and he finally agrees.  Soon, they start dating and instead of keeping Rebecca clean, her raw, uncontrolled urges seduce him back towards the life of a typical vampire.

Now that Sally knows her best friend Bridget might be in Danny’s life, she can’t help but haunt both of their houses, watching helplessly as their relationship begins to blossom.  She hates the idea at first, and derails it by knocking over a wine glass at just the right moment, but after she talks to Aidan she sets about trying to bring them together so that both she and Danny can move on.

After Ray shows Josh the ropes of being a werewolf, Josh takes to him so much that he invites him to crash at the house—an arrangement that Aidan isn’t so sure about, especially since Ray seems to have some serious hate for any and all vampires.  Sally, however, likes Ray, especially since he helps her move objects by channeling her anger.

When the moon is almost full, Ray takes Josh to the secret vampire club that Aidan sometimes frequents and, after Ray starts an unnecessary fight, Josh ends up using his wolf-strength to beat up Marcus, Bishop’s right-hand man.  Ray is proud of him but Josh is worried about the strange path that Ray is leading him down.

Meanwhile, Sally finds that she is sometimes able to communicate with the living, a gift she uses to tell Bridget that she’s okay with her and Danny dating.  As Danny and Bridget come together, Aidan loses Rebecca.  As he explains how they can live clean, she vanishes into the night without a goodbye or an explanation.