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Episode Recap: Your Body Is A Condemned Wonderland


Since Aidan knows that Nora is none to pleased with him right now, he's taken to sneaking around to avoid her at all costs. This of course makes Josh feel caught in the middle. He vows to make things better. Meanwhile, Josh has no idea that Liam is secretly meeting with Nora to twist her mind. Josh's solution to fix things at home is rather extreme. He takes Nora to a mansion to propose to her. Nora is completely caught off guard but, to Josh's relief, she says, "yes."

Sally's "condition" seems to be getting worse and the ghosts of the two girls that Aidan killed long ago waste no time in telling her so. As luck would have it, however, Sally discovers Max using a compound at work that she thinks might be able to help her.

When Max catches Sally trying to take the compound home, he thinks the worst and Sally, backed into a corner, decides to confess.  Everything. Like any normal human being, Max is horrified, but he forces himself to come to his senses and decides to use his skills as a mortician to help Sally disguise her decomposition. 

Sally also seeks the help of Nick, to see if he's having the same problem. Nick brushes Sally off but it turns out Nick's problems are very similar and he copes with it by eating raw cats. Sally's already ravenous appetite gets stronger and eventually she finds herself inextricably drawn to the raw hamburger meat in the refrigerator. Maybe raw meat is the solution for both of them.

Finally coming to his senses, Aiden goes to visit Kat and tell her that it's not a good idea for them to see each other. Kat, strong-willed and intrigued by Aidan, refuses to walk away from their future plans. But the day takes a nasty turn when Liam shows up with two oak-tree-sized goons to back him up.

Aidan goes along quietly to keep Kat safe, but she gets a bad vibe all the same.  Later, Kat calls Josh to ask about Aidan and tells him what happened.  With no time to spare before Liam changes into a werewolf, Josh sets out to find the kidnapped Aidan and rescue him.  Josh arrives at Liam's estate to find Aidan badly tortured but also taking the blame for Brynn's death in order to let Nora off the hook. Josh is able to save Aidan, just barely, but he doesn't escape without paying a price—Liam scratches Josh—marking him with the curse to become a werewolf again. Aidan pays a steep price too— before Josh saves the day, Liam was able to inject him with the virus that wiped out all the other vampires.

Aidan, Josh and Sally are in the worse shape than ever, Nora is nowhere to be found and Liam is on the hunt for blood.