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Episode Recap: You're the One I Haunt


Before they leave the house, Aidan makes sure that both he and Josh are carrying wooden stakes in case Bishop or one of his minions tries to kill them but Josh thinks Aidan is overreacting.  When they get to the hospital, Aidan runs into Celine, the Canadian love of his life and finds out she’s come to his hospital to die peacefully.

Sally, still weak and deformed from the near-successful exorcism, isn’t speaking.  At a loss for how to regain her strength, Sally teleports to Danny’s house where she finds him shaving.  She hurts him and, just like that, she returns to normal leading her to believe that she has to kill Danny to stop being imprisoned on earth.

Meanwhile, Nora has noticed some abnormalities about her pregnancy, which makes Josh fear the worst but he stands by her and tries to hide what’s really on his mind.  When Nora’s ultrasound comes back normal, Josh is relieved—maybe his child won’t be a werewolf after all.  There is a question mark Josh will have to explore later, though—the doctor says Nora is fourteen weeks pregnant, not seven.

Somehow Danny knows it was Sally that hurt him shaving and he wants revenge.  He shows up at the house with a gas can, ready to burn the whole place down.  Sally can’t stop him but she has enough power to trap Danny in the burning house with her.  Luckily, Aidan and Josh get home in time to put out the blaze.  Aidan and Sally want to kill him but, instead, they threaten to make his life miserable unless he confesses to the police.  With a confession for arson and accidental murder, it’s likely that Danny will go to jail for a long time.  Then, almost as soon as he’s arrested, Sally’s door to the beyond appears.

Later on, when a disguised nurse tries to kill Aidan in the stairway, Josh finally realizes how serious the vampire war is. Aidan survives, thanks to Josh and spends as much time with Celine as he can.  He offers to turn her, something she used to beg him for, but he refused—she doesn’t want to watch her children grow old and die while she lives on forever.  She also doesn’t want to tell Aidan that she disappeared from his life because Bishop kidnapped her and threatened her family.

At the house, just as Sally is about to step through her door, Bishop leaps through the window and drives a stake into Aidan’s chest before fleeing.  Meanwhile, Josh and Sally watch helplessly as Aidan lay dying on the living room floor.