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Episode Recap: Bitten

Elena's origins as a werewolf and history with Clay are revealed as she struggles to defend Clay against murder charges.


This episode is peppered with flashbacks of Elena and Clay's courtship. When first they meet, a ponytailed Elena (this is how you know you're in a Bitten flashback - Elena has a ponytail) applies for a job as a typist for Professor Clay. He hires her and they fall in love. Clay brings her to meet his "family" (Jeremy) at Stately Stonehaven Manor. There, Jeremy is not happy to see that Clay's brought a human girl home. Here's where things get weird: Elena's sitting on the couch when Clay, in his wolf form, enters the living room and bites Elena. She passes out and wakes up in a cage, in the basement (and you thought the first time YOU meet your significant other's family was bad). She's in bad shape. Clay and Jeremy explain that she's becoming a werewolf, although, secretly, Jeremy is convinced she'll die since women don't survive the change. Sure enough, Elena becomes a wolf and survives, waking up as human the next day. When a thrilled Clay opens the cage, she knocks him out and escapes. Clay later finds her - after another transformation - and brings her back to Stonehaven. He tells her that he "knew she's survive." So, basically, Clay turned the woman he loved into a werewolf, thus risking her life, because his gut told him she'd live. Hmmm.....that's either incredibly romantic or sadistic, depending on your point of view.

Back in the present, the sheriff tells the Pack that the car of Michael Braxton, one of the local townsfolk, was found abandoned outside of Stately Stonehaven Manor. All the locals - already suspicious of the Stonehaven gang given the bodies found on the property- descend and want to search for Braxton. Jeremy and Clay, genuinely knowing nothing, agree. While searching, Elena calls Philip for some romantic chit chat and Nick hears. He taunts her after. Elena finds Braxton's body and turns to wolf form to hide it. With no evidence, the townsolk leave. Elena explains to the Pack that she suspects Karl Marsten killed Braxton to frame them. 

Daniel Santos, the ex-Pack member who appeared last episode with the offer of Marsten dirt in exchange for Pack re-entry arrives to see Jeremy. His "information" is kinda sorta what they already know - that Karl Marsten is behind turning psychopaths into mutts. He mentions it's about claiming territory that Marsten wants. Jeremy says he'll "think about" letting him back into the Pack. Before leaving Stately Stonehaven Manor, Daniel reminds Elena that Clay killed his brother because he's an impulsive crazy person. That, coupled with the memory of how Clay turned HER, firms up Elena's resolve. She's going back to Toronto. Which is convenient because Philip's sister needs a new bridesmaid for her wedding so, hey, great timing.

Speaking of Philip, remember that business dude James Williams, from Episode #3 that wanted Philip to work on his new Vodka company, Viljandi? He sends Philip a "video he found on the internet" that he wants Philip to work into the ad campaign for Viljandi. It's the video, from Episode #1, of Elena and Logan as wolves frolicking! Philip, following orders, makes the Viljandi logo that of a wolf. What's James Williams' larger agenda and who is he?

Amidst all this we see Karl Marsten's #2-in-evil-wolfness, Zachary Cain, approach a recently released ex-con, Victor Olson. It's clear he plans on turning Victor into a wolf.