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Episode Recap: Committed

Elena's attempts to commit to her human life with Philip go disastrously awry while Jeremy struggles to maintain his role as Alpha of the pack.

Back in Toronto, Elena's reacquainting herself with Philip (biblically speaking) and all seems well. That is, until she catches sight of Daniel Santos watching her (remember, he's the smarmy ex-Pack member from Episode #5 who tried to make a deal with the Pack). Elena's visibly shaken and Philip asks what's wrong. Instead of opening up about Daniel, which in turn would reveal she sometimes turns into a big dog, Elena tells Philip she was reminded of this guy named Victor Olson. She hints that Victor was an older man that abused her when she was growing up in foster care. Wait a minute - we know Victor Olson. He was the orange haired dude from last episode that was released from prison, and Pack enemy Zachary Cain was planning on turning into a wolf! Elena tells Logan that she opened up about Victor to Philip. He thinks that's great, but questions if she'll ever tell Philip she's also a werewolf. Later, she agrees to move in with Philip.

Up at Stately Stonehaven Manor, Clay worries about Elena not returning to the Pack. If she doesn't - and goes Pack-less - that means she's a Mutt, and its Clay's job to keep mutts in line (or exterminate them). He fears having to one day hurt Elena. Tonio reveals that they are the only Pack in North America that are being targeted with these random attacks. Jeremy surmises that the attacks are about him, or to challenge his status as an Alpha. In a move of startling convenient TV timing, the doorbell rings and some random Mutt named Samuel Boggs shows up and challenges Jeremy's Alpha status. The two fight and Jeremy wins. Jeremy orders Clay to remove his teeth as a warning to anyone else that challenges him. 

Nick goes to visit Dennis Stillwell, a former Pack member who remains in good standing with the Pack. He's dead and his eyes have been gouged out. No sign of Dennis' son, Joey, an old friend of Nick's.

Back in Toronto, Philip's sister Becky has cold feet on her wedding day. Elena manages to talk her down and the wedding happens. Philip's mom, Olivia - previously not high on Elena - admits she's impressed and grateful to Elena for helping Becky. Score one for Elena! 

Daniel Santos shows up to the wedding. Elena's ticked and pulls him aside. Daniel tells Elena that Clay is out of control - that he just tortured someone named Samuel Boggs (technically not a lie). He's growing dangerous and he could eventually threaten Elena. Elena questions whether Daniel's in league with Karl Marsten. Daniel's non-committal, but tells Elena since she left her Pack, that makes her a Mutt - and thus a potential enemy of the Pack. He can help her. They should align. Elena says she'd rather die. Clay later calls Elena - fresh from torturing Boggs - and tells her he needs her. Shortly after, Elena finds a small package in her jacket - addressed to Jeremy. Elena travels to Stately Stonehaven Manor and tells the Pack about Daniel's visit. She reveals the package that Santos ostensibly left for Jeremy - it's the eyes of Dennis Stillwell, the dead dude Nick found earlier!

Amidst all this, Logan's girlfriend Rachel drops a bomb - she's pregnant. She's not thrilled because this could jeopardize her burgeoning culinary career, while Logan's worried because, well, he's a werewolf. Which could mean a werewolf baby. Still, he lets himself get excited at the thought of being a dad.