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Episode Recap: Prisoner

Elena and Clay race against time to save a dying Jeremy.


Up at Stately Stonehaven Manor, Elena and Clay take a break from worrying about what poison Jeremy is dying from to clean the mansion of all the blood, and look sexy while doing so! Then its back to business. Elena wants to track down Amber, Zachary Cain's lady friend, thinking she may know something about the poison that was on the knife she stabbed Jeremy with. Clay, for his part, tries to get information out of Zachary, who is locked in a cage in the basement. No dice, but we do get more insight into Clay's past - he was bitten at age 7 and went feral. His biological family thought he went missing and he was on his own until Jeremy found him. 

Elena tracks down Amber and is shocked when Amber reveals she knows Cain's a werewolf. In fact, she wants to be made into a werewolf herself! Humans knowing the truth about werewolves is a huge no-no, and werewolf law mandates that any human that knows the truth must die. Amber says Cain loves her so much he won't let her die. Elena's moved, but wants the information about the poison on the knife. Amber knows nothing. LeBlanc, the psycho werewolf whose motel room Elena raided back in Episode #4, gave her the knife. Amber promises to reveal LeBlanc's whereabouts if Elena returns Cain to her. Any chance of a deal disappears when LeBlanc, and Karl Marsten, the fancy European werewolf plotting against the Pack walk in. They try to intimate Elena (and Marsten hints his vendetta against the Pack is all about their refusal to give him territory), but Elena turns the tables on them and breaks LeBlanc's wrist. Not before learning the poison used was ricin.

Elena treats Jeremy for ricin poisoning. Clay deduces she confronted LeBlanc and Marsten, putting herself in danger. They argue and Elena reveals about Amber being human and Cain loving her so much he refused to let anyone kill her, despite werewolf law demanding it. She finds it touching AND it stirs her anger - after all, Clay turned Elena into a werewolf because he wasn't willing to break werewolf laws and be with a human. Clay turns around that threatens Cain - give them intel on the Pack's enemies or Clay will kill Amber. Cain reveals that Daniel Santos hired Jimmy Koenig, a former Pack enforcer, to come kill the Pack. Clay kills Cain anyway (by castrating him!) as revenge for Pete.

Nick meets with Jorge, a lawyer and distant relative from another Pack. He explains Tonio is dead and needs Jorge's help in erasing Tonio's existence from human records (apparently this is standard protocol after werewolf deaths). Afterwards, Nick has sex with a female employee of his weird pool hall/bar business (What exactly is it? Its hard to deal).

Back in Toronto, Sylvie shows Philip some of the wolf footage that she's managed to clean up. It shows a neatly folded pile of clothes near a shack (We know they are Elena's clothes, which she shedded in Episode #1 prior to changing into a wolf - which was filmed in the tape in question). Clearly Philip recognizes the clothes, specifically a necklace, as belonging to Elena. He doesn't want to believe its hers, so he calls her and asks her EXTREMELY obvious and probing questions that basically confirm that was probably her necklace (although Elena has no idea the purpose behind his questions). Wanting more answers, Philip goes back to Nate - the dude that supposedly shot this footage - only to find his "office" abandoned. The landlord - who played Joey Jeremiah on Degrassi High and Desgrassi The Next Generation - tells him no "Nate" ever occupied the space. It was always an old lady. Philip doesn't know what to make of it.