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Episode Recap: Ready

Elena and her Pack prepare for a final stand against the Mutts.


Logan checks Rachel into a motel, promising that it will keep her safe. He has business to attend to at Stately Stonehaven Manor, he tells her, but will return ASAP. Logan later shows up at Stonehaven and tells Jeremy he'll help the Pack fight against the bad guys, but after that, he's taking off with Rachel and his unborn son.

Meanwhile, Daniel Santos meets with James Williams - Philip's business associate that we learned last week was the mastermind behind Daniel and his pack of psycho wolves. James wants Daniel to storm Stately Stonehaven Manor. Daniel says he, Karl Marsten, LeBlanc (the wolf dude with the glasses) and a bunch of random extras are about to go do that.

Elena nurses Clay back to health via bathing him in this giant bucket tub thing that doesn't seem to be connected to any sort of plumbing. Regardless, she tells him she knows the truth that he turned her into a werewolf to SAVE her life. They get kissy-kissy faced for a while before they prepare for the Mutt battle to come.

Logan, Nick, Jeremy, Clay and Elena head outside to wait for Daniel Santos and crew to arrive. Rachel runs out of the woods, her hands bound and her mouth gagged. Logan runs to get her, just as a wolf leaps from the woods, ready to kill. Jeremy kills it with an axe. The Stonehaven crew retreats inside, where tons of extras working for Daniel bust in and fight with everyone. Stonehaven manages to take most of them down. Elena is cornered by LeBlanc, who is about to kill her, when Karl Marsten steps in and frees Elena so she can off LeBlanc. Marsten says he's had a change of heart about loyalties. He asks for mercy (which Jeremy later provides him). 

Santos enters the house and finds himself cornered. He's upset by Marsten's betrayal, but it doesn't last long because Elena kills him. Logan realizes Rachel is missing, so he and Nick go off to find her. Clay and Elena head outside to survey the damage/brood/make out, leaving Jeremy alone. James Williams enters and we get the big bombshell of the season - James is Jeremy's father! And he's clearly a loving one, telling Jeremy that he wishes Jeremy was never born. Jeremy wants to know WHY James has been targeting the Pack, and James reveals it's Elena - as the world's only female werewolf, she's the key to bringing the race to power. 

Later, we see that James has Rachel. Logan parts ways with Nick to go find his girlfriend. 

Upstairs in her room, Elena looks in her bed and sees Philip's decaptitated head. Holy Godfather, Bitten!