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Episode Recap: Settling

When the Mutts attack, Elena is forced to break werewolf laws and reveal her deepest secret to Philip.

Philip is reeling from Elena's revelation that she and Clay were lovers and bitches to his sister, Diane. Meanwhile, Elena tries to find him but Clay informs her of an update he just got from Jeremy - Daniel Santos and the enemies of the Pack have been watching them (and their loved ones) for quite awhile. Elena worries that Philip's in danger. She tracks him down and tells him nothing's going on with Clay - he's here to protect her because she, and all her loved ones, are in danger. Philip, who is either the most understanding person in the world or a total wimp, tells Elena he loves her and suggests they leave town forever and disappear. Elena decides to have intimacy issues at this moment and heads over to see Logan.

Logan, meanwhile, returns home and tries to find Rachel. He learns she's at the gallery with evil werewolf Karl Marsten (who ultimately just acts creepy with her, but doesn't do anything). When Rachel comes home, Logan tells her they need to leave town ASAP. Rachel thinks he's acting crazy, but when Elena arrives she backs up the story and tells her "enemies of the family" are after them. Logan tells Elena that he's never coming back - he's not handing his son over to Jeremy, which he knows will get him kicked out of the Pack. Elena wishes him luck and heads back home.

Which is probably not a good idea, because Clay and Philip are surprised by Daniel Santos and Victor Olson, who are out for blood. Literally, as Victor stabs Philip. While Clay and Daniel beat the ever living crap out of each other, Victor corners Philip and is about to kill him - until a wolf barges in and bites Victor, scaring him off. The wolf goes in the other room, Philip hears some creepy noises and boom - out comes Elena! Philip has the best (read: completely shocked) look on his face as he realizes his girlfriend is a dog. Elena rushes off to see where Clay is, but finds no sign of him - and a hypodermic needle. Clay's been kidnapped!

Back at Logan's, Karl Marsten and fellow creepy/psycho wolf Thomas LeBlanc break into the house. Logan single handedly fights them off. 

Back up at Stately Stonehaven Manor, the lady Sheriff lets Jeremy know that Thomas LeBlanc is the leading suspect in the murder of Braxton, the local found dead near Stonehaven in Episode #5. However, evidence indicates the body was moved from an unknown location to where it was found (remember, Elena moved the body away from Stonehaven so the townsfolk wouldn't investigate the Pack). The local police are going to be combing Stonehaven's property to see if the origin was on the property, given the forensic evidence they've found on the body. Uh-oh.