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Episode Recap: Stalking

The Pack contemplates a truce with the warring werewolf pack but a turn of events forces Elena and Clay to go on the offensive.


The reunited Stonehaven Pack (well, minus Logan) gets a call from Daniel Santos. He wants to meet. Knowing that he killed their friend Dennis Stillwell and gouged out his eyes, the Pack are more than happy - but plan on ambushing Santos. Clay and Elena wait in hiding at the designated meeting spot while Jeremy and Tonio travel there, but are sidelined when they find a woman lying unconscious on the side of the road. Good Samaritan Jeremy stops and attends to her, but it's a set up! The woman stabs Jeremy, while Santos and Thomas LeBlanc, the creepy psycho that was turned into a wolf (remember he was the focus of Episode #4), rush out. Tonio is seriously injured before LeBlanc, Santos and the woman retreat, thanks to Clay's arrival on the scene.

The Pack brings the wouned Tonio and Jeremy back to Stately Stonehaven Manor, where Jeremy is in bad shape, but will recover. Tonio, however, is another story. He dies, but not before whispering something to his son Nick which touches the latter (and for which he says "thank you"). Hmm...wonder what it is?

We cut to a trailer, where evil mutt Zachary Cain and his lady friend - the unconscious woman at the side of the road - are knocking boots. She wants him to turn her into a werewolf, but Zachary won't have it. Elena and Clay, out for vengeance over Tonio, lure Zachary into town and overpower him. They bring him back to Stonehaven.

In Toronto, Logan's girlfriend, Rachel, admits that she's scared Logan will be driven away by her pregnancy - she was pregnant before and her boyfriend left her (she eventually miscarried). Logan promises to stand by her no matter what she decides - but privately, we see he's worried because his baby could be a werewolf. And Rachel doesn't know he's a werewolf. Also, he doesn't know anything about werewolf babies - would the child even survive? He's so preoccupied that he declines Jeremy's request to return to Stonehaven.

On the other side of town, Philip tries to get in contact with Elena - after all, she just up and left at the end of Episode #6 without saying goodbye. This guy is incredibly patient. He calls Sylvie, his ex, to help him with a tech problem - he wants to track the person that uploaded the video of the wolves frolicking (actually Logan and Elena, shot in Episode #1 and given to Philip by his new client in Episode #5 to incorporate in a vodka campaign). Philip wants to buy the rights to the video. Sylvie tracks it to one Nate Parker. Philip and Sylvie visit Nate and get the rights and the original video. Sylvie hits on Philip, but he rebuffs her. He's in love with Elena. Elena later calls him and apologizes for just disappearing. She claims the wedding made her uncomfortable, given she's not used to being with families. Philip remains incredibly supportive and basically tells her no biggie. World's best boyfriend.

Jeremy, whose health takes a sharp turn for the worse, collapses. Elena realizes this is more than a stab wound. It looks like Jeremy was poisoned.