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Episode Recap: Summons

After a werewolf mauls a girl in the outskirts of Bear Valley, Elena Michaels, the world's only female werewolf, is forced to choose between her human life and her pack.


We open on a man and woman having sex. This is Elena Michaels and her boyfriend, Philip McAdams. Despite Elena VERY clearly enjoying herself, she abruptly leaves, claiming an "emergency with a client" (apparently freelance photographers have client emergencies?). Soon we get the real truth of why she left - she had to go howl at the moon. Yup, Elena's a werewolf.

Cut to Upstate New York, where a very attractive young man -we'll call him Hot Dude - is hit on by a woman at a bar. In a move that only serves to further the argument that absurdly attractive men are jerks, he rejects the woman, calls her a slut and then tells her to "be careful out there." Too bad she didn't listen, because on her walk home through the woods (huh? Do people anywhere other than TV shows and movies do that?), she's killed by a werewolf.

The next morning, we see police on the grounds of a big estate called Stonehaven which, no joke, looks exactly like stately Wayne Manor. The owner, Jeremy, is disturbed to learn that the woman from the above paragraph has been killed on his front lawn - by a wolf. He's more upset by the wolf part than the front lawn part, FYI. Turns out Jeremy is a werewolf and he quickly calls the other members of his pack come to Stonehaven. They are:

*Clay: A bearded, hunky professor at "The University of Upstate New York" who is given us serious Joe Manganiello vibes (and clearly given the same to his students, because they keep swooning over him like those chickens did over the Frank Sinatra rooster in the Looney Tunes cartoons. Remember those?).

*Logan: A psychologist with a nice, human girlfriend. 

*Nick: Nick is clearly "the hot one" because when he gets the call, he's naked in bed with a married couple.

Back to Toronto, where Elena lives. It's the next morning and she's de-wolfed and her boyfriend Philip seems none the wiser that is girlfriend is a dog. Elena gets the call from Jeremy but ignores it. Later, Elena hangs out with Pihlip's sister, Diane, a gallery owner who introduced them. When some executive jerks hit on Elena, and start to get handsy, she whips out a ninja move and takes care of them. Werewolves are ninjas too! Or at least Elena is. She glosses over Diane's questions. Later, at a banquet where Philip is getting an advertising award, Elena munches down spare ribs while Philip's mom, Olivia, acts like a passive aggressive bitch. Elena gets a call from Jeremy in the middle of Philip's speech. Since this is a TV show and voicemail only exists to further a plot, Elena takes the call in the middle of the speech and gets the death stare from Philip's mom. Jeremy tells her he needs her home ASAP. Elena's not convinced.

Back at Stonehaven, Nick, Clay and Nick's dad, Tonio, have arrived. Jeremy explains that a werewolf killed a human. Which is a big deal, because we learn that werewolves are forbidden to kill humans for sport, so the wolf in question must pay. Jeremy mentions he called Elena - who they need because her superior tracking skills can find the killer wolf - but he's not so sure she's gonna RSVP in the affirmative. Up in Canada, Logan (who Elena is actually friends with) and Elena go on a "run" - i.e. they turn into wolves and go hunting coyotes in the woods. It's a thing. Anyway, while they're doing that we see some mysterious person is recording them. But that's a mystery for another day (okay, episode).

Logan - now joined by another Pack member called home named Peter (a rocker looking dude) - thinks Elena should return to Stonehaven. The Pack is her family and she hasn't been there in a year (we wonder why). Elena finally agrees and tells Philip she needs to go away for a few days to help a distant relative who was in a car accident. Philip's surprised - Elena always told him she grew up in foster care and had no family. Elena claims she just discovered the relation. Philip, who works in advertising and thus has a blurry relationship with reality, doesn't seem to catch on and says okay.

Elena heads upstate, where Clay greets her at the gates of Stonehaven. These two clearly have a complicated history. Meanwhile, we cut to Hot Dude with bad manners from the beginning of the episode. He's in bed with a goth girl. He gets up and goes the bathroom. Goth girl starts to hear some strange noises coming from the latrine, so she goes up to investigate, opens the door and....finds a wolf! Hot Dude is a wolf! And an angry one, because he mauls the girl.