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Episode Recap: Trespass

Elena and Clay track the killer werewolf. Who will survive the bloodbath that follows?


Coming off last episode, the Pack is horrified to discover a little boy's dead body on their property - the result of another wolf kill. Before they can process, a group of hunters come along and start (justifiably) freaking out over the discovery of the dead kid. Tensions rise between the hunters and the Pack, given this is the second dead body discovered on Stonehaven (a.k.a Stately Wayne Manor)'s grounds. Elena distracts the situation by using her dog powers to set the hunter's dog off and eventually the group disperses.

Elena gets flowers delivered from Philip, which Jeremy observes. He warns Elena that having a human boyfriend is not a good idea. After all, she can't keep that she's a werewolf from him forever. When Elena later calls and flirts with Philip, her ex-lover Clay overhears and gets all grunty and jealous.

In town to try to track the killer wolf, Elena and Clay meet a local who tells them everyone in town thinks that the gang at Stately Wayne Manor - sorry, Stonehaven - is all weird and probably connected to these wolf deaths because two have happened on their property and they don't seem to be doing anything about it. Elena swears they are innocent, but is shaken. 

Back in Toronto, Philip meets with some business dude on a bridge. Business guy tells Philip that he's discovered an Estonian family - Viljandi - making this amazing vodka and he needs Philip's help in positioning the vodka as a moneymaker to his board of directors. Since this is way too random to not mean something later, we are going to guess "Viljandi" and "family" are the key takeaways here. Later, Philip dines with his mother, who tells him Elena is no good for him and way too secretive.

Pack members Nick, Pete and Logan head to an abandoned pool hall to meet with Karl Marsten, a free agent werewolf who has his ear to the ground when it comes to mutts (Bitten slang for werewolves without a Pack). They want any information Karl has about the killer wolf - especially who bit HIM and turned him. Karl agrees to pass on any information in exchange for territory of his own. Nick agrees to bring the request back to Jeremy. Later, Nick's dad Tonio tells Nick he wants to investigate Karl further - he was too cooperative and available for his liking.

Elena and Clay track the killer wolf - named Brandon - to a rave (they still have those?). Elena confronts him and Brandon starts turning. Despite Elena's attempts to lock him in an office, the wolf escapes through the ceiling and starts raising hell and killing people. The cops arrives and shoot the wolf dead, so the whole "stop the killer wolf" problem is checked off Elena and Clay's to-do list. They come upon a dude that Brandon-the-wolf bit and who is in the midst of turning into a werewolf. Clay realizes he's a heroin addict, so he mercy kills the guy, explaining his drug addiction would have meant he'd never survive the change. Elena is horrified and leaves, heading back to Toronto.

While there, she and Philip lovingly reunite which basically means they have a ton of sex. But they also eat dinner! With Logan and his sous chef girlfriend, Rachel, who asks lots of questions about Elena's past, forcing Elena to just heap lie upon lie in front of Philip. Guess it's better than the alternative, which is to tell her boyfriend she's a dog? Anyway, Logan gets a call that Pete, the rocker dude werewolf, has been killed. He tells Elena. They've got to return to Stonehaven.