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Bitten: Pressing Questions Before the Last Three Episodes

Here's what we want to know as we hit the homestretch of Bitten Season 2.

By Bryan Enk

Here we are in the homestretch of Bitten Season 2. It's been a heck of a season so far, what with Jeremy's Pack joining forces with Ruth's Coven to defeat The Big Bad Male Witch, who pokes and prods poor Elena for her wolf blood when he's not charmingly corrupting the littlest witch, Savannah.

Elena and Savannah have since busted out of Aleister's compound, Nick's been reunited with his long-lost mother and Eduardo's started an all-out war against the North American Pack for the murder of his Alpha, Roderigo. Oh, and Aleister's still lurking around out there in the woods (literally) …

While we're a mere three episodes from the Season 2 finale, here are the most pressing questions on our minds as Bitten begins to wind up before it wraps up.

  1. What the heck is Aleister going to do while he's in Clay's body?


    The last scene of Episode 7 had Aleister possessing Clay, which has us stressed out to no end. You just know he's going to be mean to Elena, defiant to Jeremy and probably creepy to Savannah. He'll also probably punch Nick or something. But how, exactly, does pretending to be Clay fit into his Grand Master Plan of Witchy Evil? Stressed!
  2. How does Clara fit into all this?


    We have a feeling that, while Ruth may have taken away her powers some years back, Clara's not quite as powerless as she appears to be … nor is she completely ignorant of what's been going on with Aleister. We saw Clara as an '80s punk rocker chickening out on drowning baby Aleister and instead putting him on the doorstep of a church … it's not too far-fetched to assume that these two are still in touch.
  3. Where are Logan and Rachel?


    When we last saw Logan and Rachel, they were burning rubber out of Aleister's compound, telling no one of where they were going (if they even knew themselves). Have they settled down on an isolated farm to raise their werewolf baby in peace, or are they going to get entangled in the wolf/witch intrigue once again? We have a feeling it's the latter, but the how of it is unknown.
  4. Are Nick and Paige the Real Deal?


    For the record, Paige is the only woman on Bitten with whom Nick has had a sex scene more than once. Sheesh, might as well get those wedding bells chiming right now! Okay, maybe it's not going to be that much of a commitment, but there seems to definitely be something "special" going on between these star-crossed lovers. Will their passion burn as strongly after this business with Aleister is all over?
  5. What's going to happen to Eduardo?


    Oh yeah, this jackass. Roman found out about his plan to have him killed and take over the North American Pack, and he was last seen making a run for it through the woods of Stonehaven. Clay probably would've caught him, too, had he not been, you know, possessed by Aleister and all. Where's this little weasel running to, and what else does he have up his sleeve?
  6. Karl Marsten made an appearance in Episode 7. Are any other old Season 1 friends going to show up?


    Haha, Karl Marsten. The old charmer showed up long enough in Episode 7 to have Clay choke him with a seatbelt and to shake Jeremy's hand. It was great to see him, even if only briefly … are there any other members of the Season 1 dramatis personae set to make a surprise appearance as well? Maybe the ghosts of Thomas Leblanc, Victor Olson, Samuel Boggs and Daniel Santos can show up as a barbershop quartet if Aleister puts Elena on another Alice in Wonderland-style freak-out.

Bitten Season 2, Episode 8: "Dark Arts" airs Friday at 11/10c.